The Skirret

The Skirret is an implement which acts on a centre pin,
whence a line is drawn to mark out
the ground plan of the intended structure.

The Skirret website is a repository for articles, essays, papers, and documents of Masonic interest.

It has its origins in websites created for the two Masonic lodges in Yokohama, Japan: Lodge Star in the East No. 640 SC and Far East Lodge No. 1 JC.

In 2004, a test site was created for the three Scottish Masonic bodies in Kobe, Japan:

In 2006 the present domain was registered to provide a permanent home for the Kobe websites, backup and expansion space for the Yokohama sites, and an archive for a rapidly growing collection of Masonic papers and other materials.

In 2012 the webmaster resigned from the two Yokohama lodges and their websites are no longer mirrored on the Skirret.

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