The EA Degree

Entered  Apprentice Degree

The Entered Apprentice Degree, first of the three Degrees of Blue Lodge Masonry, 
is a preliminary degree, intended to prepare the candidate for the higher and  
fuller instructions of the succeeding degrees.  The candidate is a voluntary 
applicant for membership in the Lodge, he comes without an invitation from the 
Lodge or from any member of the Order, even though he may have been told by a 
Masonic friend that he is the type of man the Order needs.

Of his own free will and accord, the candidate knocks at the outer door of the Lodge 
and seeks admission that he may begin his search for Light, for the light of divine  
Truth.    At the threshhold of the Lodge he is required to confess his "trust in God," 
thus repudiating any tendencies to infidelity, polytheism or pantheism, and acknowledging 
his faith in the One True and Living God.  He is peculiarly clothed in keeping with the 
mysteries of the Order into which he is about to be inducted, "neither naked nor clothed; 
neither bare-footed nor shod," the symbolic meaning being fully explained to him as he 
makes his journey through the requirements of this degree.

Although lacking in valuable historical information, the work of the Degree is replete 
instructions on the internal structure of the Order, especially in its lectures.  The 
religious character of Masonry is impressed upon his mind and heart, not only by his 
confession of "trust in God," but by the open Bible upon the altar, and by his own 
dedication in prayer and mediation before the altar.  The entire Ritual is a preliminary 
revelation on the internal structure of the Institution, and the symbols employed in 
the Degree are profoundly significant and instructive.  The candidate now learns that a 
Masonic Lodge is an assemblage of Freemasons, duly congregated, having the Sacred Writings, 
Square, and Compass, and a Charter, or warrant of constitution, authorizing the Lodge to meet 
and work.  It is also explained to him that the room or place in which the meeting is 
held represents some part of King Solomonís Temple.  The Lodge is supported by three 
great columns, Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, which are explained to the candidate.  They 
are represented by the Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden.

In properly comprehending "what is done unto him," the course of his movements around the 
Lodge Room, the significance of the symbols employed, and the lectures given, including 
every phase of the Ritual, the Entered Apprentice Mason realizes that he has begun a noble 
pursuit for Truth.  The aspiration of his soul toward Absolute and Infinite Intelligence 
is encouraged and strengthened.  The faculties of his mind have been directed toward the Great 
Architect Of The Universe, his own Creator, Preserver, and Benefactor.  Through the majestic 
irradiations of thought, meditation, prayer and sublime comprehensions of instructions given, 
his soul pierces through the shadows of materialism and earthiness toward the Light for which 
his search has begun.  He is prepared for his onward and upward course in Freemasonry, and when 
he has proved his proficiency in the work of the Entered Apprentice Degree, he will be ready for 
the next Degree of Blue Lodge Masonry.

The Entered Apprentice Mason is entrusted with certain secrets of the Order, all of them moral, 
ethical and wholesome, and is pledged to "keep counsel of all things spoken in the Lodge or 
chamber by any Masons, Fellows or Free Masons."  He is invested with certain "Secret Words," 
which, of course, he must keep inviolate and communicate them only in accordance with 
Masonic Law.