About Misinformation and Anti-Masonry

Frankly speaking...
About misinformation and anti-Masonry

Dear Brethren:

I have recently had several Masons contact me to express their
concern over comments and publications of certain individuals who
choose to attack the Fraternity as being anti-Christian.

There is also some indication that a few people mistakenly think
Masonry is a religlon.

It is extremely unfortunate that these ill-informed individuals are
so strident in their anti-Masonry but loudness and harsh criticism
serve their selfish purposes. It is regrettable that the public is
sometimes misled by these critics.

Although I am strongly convinced that the world s largest and
greatest Fraternity doesn't really need defending I feel that a
short statement might help a Brother or member of his family to
respond to anti-Masonic misinformation and misunderstanding with
confidence and factual information.

It has also been suggested that the Grand Lodge of Texas should
officially adopt a statement refuting the assertions that Masonry
is a religion. I feel that such a statement is unnecessary in view
of the simple and clear statement of purpose found in the
Constitution and Ancient Charges of a Freemason.

One need only refer to Section 2 of Article 1 Division 11 of that
document to read: .. to advance the moral and social interest of
its membership; to foster good citizenship honest industry and
upright living; to cultivate the exercise of charity in its best
and broadest sense; to assist the widows and orphans of its
deceased members; to stimulate friendship harmony and brotherly
love; and generally to promote in its own way the happiness of
mankind - it is a Fraternity of good men linked together by
honerable and indissoluble bonds to accomplish these noble purposes
eschewing all Interest in factional politics and sectarian religion
and free from the dictation of both. (Emphasis mine)

In short Masonry is not and does not pretend to be or to take the
place of religion.

I urge our members to read our Constitution Charges and Laws to
reassure themselves and be able to better inform others about the
true nature of Freemasonry.

No action by the Grand Lodge of Texas or any lodge or individual
Mason can alter our ancient purposes and no action is needed to
clarify them.

I urge every Mason and friend or family of Masons to talk about our
Fratemity and what it stands for and what it does for the rest of
the world.

Freemasonry is not anti anything. Freemasonry is good so let's talk
about it.

And I would say this to our detractors: Perhaps you should devote
yourself to praying for your own salvation and be less concerned
with trying to destroy or besmirch those who would improve

for the good of mankind.
Sincerely and fraternally

A. D. Hanna
Grand Master of Masons in Texas

The Philalethes, October, 1990