Masonic Unity

Masonic Unity

Brothers all,

If you haven't read this in the Scottish Rite Journal (SJ) you have
missed a great article.

It is part of the Grand Commanders message.

"     Both Jurisdictions of the Scottish Rite, as well as the Shrine and
other Masonic Bodies, have helped to fund the Masonic Renewal Committee
of North America in the development of membership enhancement and
retention materials.  Where they have been used, these materials have
proved successful.  In these and other ways, the Scottish Rite has been
advancing Masonry - all of Masonry.  But true Masonic Unity involves
more than the commitment of leaders and financial resources.  True
Masonic Unity requires the commitment of the individual Mason.  For, in
the final analysis, you and only you can make a difference.  We can
produce programs, videotapes and information packets - but unless you
talk to your friends about Masonry, unless you tell them why it is good
and that you would like to share Masonry with them - that all we can do
amounts to little.  Grand Lodges can offer Lodge Leadership training
programs which can make a great difference for any Lodge.  But unless
you attend those programs and put what you learned there into practice
in the leadership of your Lodge, the effort and expense are futile.

     Masonic Unity begins in the heart of the individual mason.  It
comes from a deep knowledge that Masonry is good and does good.  It
comes from a personal commitment to masonry prospering as a whole and to
your making that happen.  It comes from a determination to become
personally involved in that Unity, that growth.  It meas that you will
talk up, not down, every Masonic Body, whether you are active in it or
not.  We are a family.  We must support each other fully,

     You literally make the difference in Masonic unity.  There are
things which could and should be considered at the national level- a
public awareness campaign, coordination of efforts, increased
philanthropic outreach.  But Masonry grows when you talk to a friend
about the Fraternity, give him a petition, and bring him into the Blue
Lodge.  You can do that, but without you, nothing will happen.
     Those are the alternatives.  We can work together, and we can bring
our friends into the Fraternity.  If we do - Masonry - all of masonry-
will not only live, it will be better than ever before.  In contrast, we
can do nothing or, worse yet, we can undermine by talk or action, the
Masonic Unity which has been the tradition and strength of our Craft
from its beginnings.

     It shouldn't be a hard choice to make."

Let's make it happen Brothers!


Jim Johnson
Vancouver, USA