May We All Learn from the Chisel

May We All Learn From The Chisel

An Observation of the First Degree

By Brother Stephen Dafoe At a recent visit to a sister lodge for their D.D.G.M.
visitation, I had the opportunity to see a first degree for probably the 100th
time. Likewise I heard the presentation of the working tools to the candidate
for probably the 100th time. Yet this time there was a great difference. Perhaps
I listened more attentively for a change, perhaps it struck a cord with me, but
whatever the situation, I came to realize the value of that implement of labor -
the chisel.

If I may paraphrase the actual ritual; it is so small but yet so tough that
through its perseverance it can carve up the solidest of rock and the great
cathedrals of Europe are indebted to its efforts.

Brethren, isn't this just like life. How many times do we as Masons or as men
pass on an opportunity for fear that the project is too big for us or the ritual
is too difficult to learn?

Let us be like the chisel and face that mass of rock with constant repeated
efforts. Why not use our Brethren as the Common Gavel to assist our swipes at
the mighty rock, whether it is getting more members out to a meeting or how we
are going to raise funds for the latest district project.

Let us together act as working tools of the Great Architect of the Universe and
by chipping little pieces from the problem, persevere until that Rough misshapen
ashler is a smooth one and made perfect by our Fraternal efforts.