Norwood Lodge No. 90

               NORWOOD LODGE #9O 

On May 19th, 1915, Norwood Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, acting
under dispensation from the Grand Chapter of Canada was
instituted at McQueen Hall over 8907 Alberta Avenue. At this
meeting some sixty masons from the city lodges were present and 
after the luncheon a number of them congragated together and
hinted at the bright prospects for the formation of a Master
Masons' Lodge in a district so far removed from the central
city lodges. There was a certain reluctance even to this,
inasmuch as all the Lodges on the north side of the River were
meeting in Second Street Masonic Hall which is the property of
Edmonton No. 7 and although certain dissatisfaction had arisen
from time to time with those who were renting, yet none had felt
sufficiently self reliant to start out in new premises. Another
deterring factor was that on one or two occasions a Lodge in
Norwood had been (sic) "set" on foot but for one reason or
another had never reached maturity.

However the necessity for the formation of a new lodge smouldered
in the breasts of a few and W. Bro. T. H. Wilson arranged a
private interview with R.W.Bro. E. T. Bishop, D.G.M. to test his
feelings upon this subject. Here the first obstacle presented
itself, our R.W.Brother strongly objected on the grounds that it
would rob the existing lodges of members. As every new venture
meets with opposition and this in turn tends to steel the hearts
of its supporters, so in this case, determination to succeed if
at all possible encouraged a deputation consisting of W. Bro. T.
H. Wilson, Bro.'s W. Thompson and R. Moss, all of Empire Lodge
No. 63 to pay a visit to R. W. Bro. E. T. Bishop in his office on
Jasper Ave. He gave that deputation a strict (sic) "catechising"
as to the necessity for the formation of a lodge in any outlying
district, especially at such a time as this when all available
men were needed to help in the great struggle with Germany. His
impressions again seemed rather to discourage the idea, but after
a lengthy discussion, that deputation left his office feeling
that the desired wish might be acceded to, which ultimately
proved to be the case for very shortly afterwards, R. W. Bro.
Bishop was one of its most ardent supporters.

A list of proposed charter members was then given to W. Bro. T.
H. Wilson to take down to Grand Lodge which was meeting in May at
Red Deer, that he there might ascertain their attitude toward the
formation of a lodge in Norwood. That list contained the names of
the following Master Masons in good standing who were prepared to
stand together for the benefit of the new institution

     Edmonton Lodge Edmonton No. 7 - Bro.s H. Southworth and 
     Unity Lodge No. 51, Edmonton - Bro's. J.S. MacPherson, W. E. 
                                    Clark and A. Wright,
     Empire Lodge No. 63, Edmonton - W. Bro. T. H. Wilson, W.     
                                     Thompson, J. Turner, J.      
                                     Spalding and R. Moss
               King George Lodge No. 59, Calgary - Bro. J. C. Morris

This resulted in W. Bro. T. H. Wilson bringing back with him an
application to form, which was duly filled out by the above
twelve individuals, appointing W. Bro. T. H. Wilson as charter
master, Bro. Robert MOSS as first Senior Warden and Bro. William
Thompson as first Junior Warden. This application was then
forwarded to Edmonton Lodge No. 7, (they being the senior lodge
in the city) for their approval accompanied by the following
letter -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "June 11th, 1915
     Bro. Hume - Sec, Edmonton Lodge No. 7.

     Dear Brother - Will you kindly present the enclosed petition
     for consideration at the Regular Meeting of Edmonton Lodge
     No. 7 held on the 17th inst.

     In forwarding this application we feel justified in
     requesting the formation of a Master Masons' Lodge in the
     North-east of the city. In this well populated district
     there are a large number of masons who are unaffiliated
     owing to the inconvenience of distance and times of meetings
     of the city lodges, as well as several worthy candidates who
     would willingly become brethren if such conditions were over
     come as would facilitate an easy access.
     We do not infer that it is our intention to make this too 
     easy financially as the initiation fee is to be $50.00 but
     but rather to encourage affiliation of unaffiliated
     The room selected is conveniently situated on the car line
     at 8307 Alberta Ave. and now used by the Norwood Chapter of
     Royal Arch Masons U.D, who have the premises on a three year
     lease to be used for Masonic purposes only. This is central
     for residents in Norwood, Eastwood the Highlands and Delton,
     as well as being within easy reach of North Edmonton.
     Hoping this will receive the approval of Edmonton Lodge.

On June 17, 1915, Edmonton Lodge at their regular meeting
unanimously passed a resolution, recommending the formation of
Norwood Lodge. This was proposed by R. W. Bro. Dr. Darling and
seconded by R. W. Bro. Turnbull. W. Bro. T. H. Wilson responded
on behalf of the proposed new lodge, thanking them for their
assistance thus far towards the formation of the first lodge to
hold its meetings away fran the only existing masonic Hall in 2nd

After the application had been properly signed and the current
receipts of the charter members had been carefull examined by the
acting master of Edmonton Lodge - Bro. O. West (the master, W.
Bro. McKenzie being away from the meeting on account of sickness)
the form was erroneously mailed to the Grand Secretary at Calgary
with the following letter -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "June l8th, 1915
               Dr. George Macdonald
               Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge of Alberta, A.F. & A.M.

     Most Worshipful Sir - I herewith enclose application for a
     new Master Masons' Lodge which has been duly approved by
     Edmonton Lodge #7, also certificates of Good Standing
     together with cheque for $25.00. Will you kindly bring this
     to the attention of the Most Worshipful, the Grand Master of
     Alberta for his consideration, which we sincerely hope will
     meet with his approval.

     The proposed place of meeting is 9807 Alberta Ave. which
     premises are now being used by the Norwood Chapter of Royal
     Arch Masons U.D. who hold the lease for three years subject
     to the Hall being used for Masonic purposes only. The time
     of regular meetings is the 2nd Tuesday in each month at 7.30

     In as much as the regalia and furniture will need to be
     ordered from Eastern Canada, an early reply would be greatly
     Hoping for your favourable response to our request.
     I remain Yours Fraternally - Robert Moss."

In the course of a few days the application was returned from
Calgary requesting that it first be sent to R.W.Bro. C.P. Ruddy,
DDGM at Leduc for his recommendation. These instructions were
carried out on June 29th, 1915, at the same time expressing the
desire to the DDGM to forward to Calgary with as little delay as

Nothing further was heard of the application and fearing it might
have miscarried on July 13th, 1915, telegrams were forwarded to
Grand Lodge at Calgary and also to R.W. Bro. C. P. Ruddy, copies
of which are herewith appended -

     "Dr. George Macdonald - Grand Secretary - Calgary
     Has application for Norwood Lodge been received from Ruddy
     wire date."

     Reply came - "Instructions will follow shortly."

     "C.P. Ruddy - Leduc

     Has application for Norwood Lodge been sent to Calgary,
     wire date".

     Reply came - Appiicatign for Norwood Lodge forwarded to
     Grand-Lodge Secretary June twenty eighth - C.P. Ruddy."

If either of these worthy brothers had followed ordinary business
methods and acknowledged receiving the petition this anxiety
would not have been occasioned and R.W. Bro. C.P.Ruddy would have
been relieved of stating that he dispatched the document to
Calgary prior to having received same.

A satisfactory reply was received on July 21, 1915 from the Most
Worshipful the Grand Master S. Y. Taylor stating that he had
signed the petition asking for dispensation and as it was his
intention to visit several lodges in the northerly part of the
province during the third week in August, he would reserve the
eveniny of August 20th for the institution of the new Lodge, if
satisfactory. In response to this, the prospective charter
master, W. Bro. T. H. Wilson forwarded the following reply -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "July 25th, 1915.

     To The Most Worshipful the Grand Master of Alberta A.F. &

     S. Y. Taylor, Esq.
     Most Worshipful Sir - Re: application for a Lodge to be held
     at Norwood, Edmonton, to be called Norwood Lodge.
     On behalf of the petitioners and myself, we desire to thank
     you for the honor you have conferred upon us in granting our
     petitian for dispensation and also for the honour you will
     confer upon us by being present and instituting us as a
     Lodge on August 2Oth. In obedience to your commands we will
     therefore make arrangements to hold the ceremony on that

It was now necessary to start to work towards the modelling of
the new premises into the semblance of a lodge room, for at this
time the newly formed Chapter of Royal Arch Masons were not in a
position financially to do anymore than was really necessary for
the carrying out of their work. So far as the new lodge now
stood, finances were nil  and everything appertaining to the
furnishing of a M.M. lodge was concerned had to be provided for.
Norwood Lodge may justly be termed a lodge of self help. "The
Saviour helps those who help themselves" is a well tried maxim,
embodying in a small compass the results of vast human
experience. The spirit of self help is the root of all genuine
growth in a community as it is in the individual. Help from
without is often  (sic) "enfeebling" in its effects but help from
within invariably invigorates. This was the spirit that imbued
the charter members when they met on July 25th, 1915 to consider
ways and means. W.Bro, T. H, Wilson explained briefly that had
been done up to the present and during his remarks laid great
stress upon the importance of choosing the future master of a
lodge at the time the ballot was cast for the Junior Warden. The
election of this latter office should be judiciously chosen so
that no regrets might arise at any future time and so disturb the
harmony by superceding either Junior or Senior Warden.

The following elective officers were duly appointed.

Treasurer - Bro. H. Southworth, proposed by Bro. R. Moss,         
            seconded by Bro. J. Carrier,
Secretary - Bro. J. O. Spalding proposed by Bro. W. Thompson,     
            seconded by Bro. J. Southworth,
Chaplain - Bro. w. J. Kelly, proposed by Bro. J. Turner, seconded 
           by Bro. W. Thompson.

Then the W.M. appointed the following officers -

Senior Deacon - Bro. J. G. Morris; Junior Deacon - Bro. J.        
Senior Steward - Bro. J. S. MacPherson; Junior Steward, Bro. A.   
Director of Ceremonies - Bro. W. E. Clark; Inner Guard - Bro. J.  

A house committee consisting of the whole of the charter members
was adopted, this being proposed by Bro. R. Moss and seconded by
Bro. J. Turner. It was then proposed by Bro. W. J. Kelly,
seconded by Bro. J. Turner and adopted that the initiation fee be
$50.00, this to include first year dues. M.M. Apron, copy of
constitution and copy of By-laws and that the dues be $2.50 for
each six months or part thereof.

The question of Affiliation Fee was then discussed and it was
proposed by Bro. J. Turner, seconded by Bro. J. Southworth and
adopted that $10.00 be the fee, this to include first years dues.

Up to this point discussion had hinged upon finances that were
hoped for from incoming candidates and affiliates but the
difficulty now arose as to what was to be done for present needs.
This was readily solved by Bro. W. Thompson who willingly offered
$300.00  as a loan to the Lodge free of all interest until such
time as it could be refunded, he also proferred to give the
Junior and Senior Wardens columns, three gavels, the letter "G"
and the star in the East. Bro. R. Moss proposed and Bro. J. Kelly
seconded a vote of thanks, which was heartily endorsed by all to
Bro. Thompson for his kindness in so graciously relieving the
needs of the lodge.

On the motion of Bro. J. Turner and seconded by Bro. J.
Southworth an account was opened with the Imperial Bank.

Enquiries had been made by the various members as to the most
reasonable prices for the purchase of Lodge Columns and as it was
found that Messrs. Cushing Bros. could supply these for $45.00
complete, it was proposed by Bro. J. Southworth and seconded by
Bro. W. Thompson that the order be given to them.

The Ashlars were to be ordered from the Edmonton Marble and
Granite Company for $9.75 and the regalia to be obtained from the
Dominion Regalia Co, Toronto, the cost of the latter being
approximately $125.00 was the proposal of Bro. J. Turner seconded
by Bro. J. Southwaite. There was no one in view at the time to
hold the important position of Tyler, and this duty was
considered an all important one, members were requested to be on
the lookout for some suitable Brother. As a remuneration for this
office, it was moved by Bro. R. Moss, seconded by Bro. J.
Southworth, that $2.00 per month be paid.

It was proposed by Bro. R. Moss, seconded by Bro. W. Thompson
that two black balls must be placed in the ballot box to decide
against the initiation of a candidate or admission of an

This completed the business portion of the meeting after which
the members divided themselves into groups apportioning to each
certain duties to be accomplished for the furnishing and
beautifying of the lodge premises. Each evening after this, untii
the institution, recreation was found in doing something for
Norwood Lodge. Mention must be made here of what was accomplished
during that short space of time. The lodge room and preparation
room walls were decorated, refreshment tables, kneeling stools
and candlesticks made, locker and cloak room accommodations
prepared. Foremost among those who gave considerable time to this
work were, Bro's. Turner, Spalding, Thompson, J. Southworth,
Wright and Moss. Special mention might also be made of the
following ladies who made curtains, altar cushion, pedestal
covers and embroidery, Mesdames Southworth, Thompson, Spalding,
Turner and Moss.

On August 1st, 1915 the dispensation was received from the
Grand Secretary at Calgary which was promptly acknowledged. The
Charter members next met to transact business preparatory to the
institution of the 6th of August 1915.

The Minutes of the former meeting were read and adopted.
Discussion then took place as to the covering of the floor of the
lodge but on account of the shape of the room it was moved by
Bro. H. Southworth, seconded by Bro. J. Southworth that no
expense be incurred in this direction as long as temporary
premises were being used. It was proposed by Bro. W. Thompson,
seconded by Bro. J. Turner and adopted that 28 yards of blue
curtain material be purchased at $1.25 per yard to be used for
windows, doors, draping of foot stools, altar and pedestals.

The lodge room was filled to its utmost capacity on August 20,
1915 when the Most Worshipful the Grand Master was present to
institute the officers of the new lodge. He had been making
visits to the lodges in the more northern parts of the province
and it was on his way south that the ceremony was performed.
Refreshments were served during the evening and addresses were
given by the Most Worshipful Bro. S. Y. Taylor, R.W. Bro. C. P.
Ruddy, R. W.Bro. Dr. Darling and W. Bro.T.H. Wilson. A musical
program was interspersed contributed by Bros. J. Hawkesworth, H.
Stuckbury and C. Adams.

Supplies from Grand Lodge did not arrive until 2 days prior to
this meeting and it was then discovered that no Register was
included in the package but in its place an additional ledger.
This was immediately returned with an explanation but time was
too short for the error to be rectified, consequertly loose
sheets had to be used for signatures.

For the purpose of reducing expenses, the members still gave of
their time to completing furniture and accessories necessary for
degree work. Bro. F. G. MacPherson in his capacity as a doctor
obtained a splendid set of mortality emblems at a very much
reduced price. By this means lodge funds were carefully husbanded
so that on Oetober 12, 1915, a motion was passed that the loan of
$300. be refunded to Bro. W. Thompson. In less that two months
from the date of institution all accounts had been paid, every
requisite for carrying on lodge work had been procured and the
lodge was now unencumbered financially to carry on its work.

At the close of each meeting cigars were handed around and whilst
smoking was being indulged in, visitors and candidate were
expected to express themselves. This however was not always
palatable to the visiting brethren so in order to establish a
topic of conversation the W. M. gave notice of subjects to be
discussed at future gatherings so that members could provide
themselves with interesting episodes which proved not only enter-
taining but instructive. Very much useful information
appertaining to Masonry outside the ritual was gathered together
and it might safely be said that the candidates of Norwood Lodge
knew more of the science by this means than members of years
standing in the great majority of other lodges.

The eleventh Annual Communication of the M.W. The Grand Lodge of
Alberta, A.F. & A.M. was opened in the Masonic Temple in the city
of Banff on Wednesday, May 31, 1916 at 10.00 oclock a.m. W. Bro.
T. H. Wilson and Bro. R. Moss went as representatives for this
lodge. The W.M. was at this time a member of Empire Lodge No. 63
and as G.L. constitution does not allow membership in two
chartered lodges in the province it was very necessary now that
the Charter was granted to Norwood No. 90, that all speed should
be exercised in obtaining the Charter at the earliest possible
moment as he did not wish to sever his connection with Empire
Lodge. W. Bro. T. H. Wilson thereupon made it his business to
hustle everyone concerned from the Deputy Grand Master down to
the Secretary in order to obtain his requests for the immediate
reception of the charter so that election of new officers could
take place on the regular meeting in June. The result was that
the charter was completely signed but required the number and
date inserting. On the promise of Bro. R. Moss undertaking to
complete this, it was allowed to be brought back, thus enabling
the lodge to hold its regular meeting in June.

The Third Masonic District of which Norwood Lodge formed a part
was considered to widely extended for easy access by the DDGM. It
was therefore divided into three districts, No's. 3, 10 and 12.
No. 10 district was composed of the following lodges, Acacia No.
11 Edmonton, Victoria No. 13 Fort Saskatchewan, Vermillion No.
24, Vermillion; St. Johns No. 25, Vegreville; Hope No. 38,
Manville; Empire No. 63, Edmonton; Tawatinau No.71, Athabaska;
Norwood No. 90, Edmonton; Bro. T.H. Wilson was honoured by being
elected PDGM for this district.

                              The foregoing taken from the Historical
                              Register of Norwood Lodge #90.


Grand Lodge Proceedings of 1917: Grand Master M.W. Bro. E.T.
"On June 10th, 1916 accompanied by the three local district
deputies and other Grand Lodge officers, I dedicated the Masonic
Hall of Norwood Lodge, constituted the Lodge and installed the


     *R.W. Bro. C. J. Lakey, D.D.G.M., District 10, 1915/16
      R.W. Bro. T. H. Wilson, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1916/17 
      R.W. Bro. Robt. Moss, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1920/21
      R.W. Bro. J. T. McCreath, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1927/28
      V.W. Bro. W. Horrocks, Jr. Gr. Deacon, 1932/33
      R.W. Bro. R. McQuarrie, D.D.G,M. District 10, 1935/36
      V. W. Bro. C. W. Furby, Grand Steward, 1939/40
      V. W. Bro. F. J. Bradley, Grand Steward, 1946/47
      R. W. Bro. E: J. Paulsen, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1947/48
      R. W. Bro. L. O. Sanders, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1957/58
      V. W. Bro. R. L. Barson, Sr. Gr. Deacon, 1956/57
      R. W. Bro V. T. Young, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1963/64.
      R. W. Bro. T. M. White, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1970/71
      V. W. Bro. M. Jarvie, Sr. Gr. Deacon, 1975/76
      R. W. Bro. J. Sanders, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1977/78
      V. W. Bro. C. T. Cork, Grand Pursuivant 1979/80
      R. W. Bro. K. G. Lawrence, D.D.G.M. District 10, 1984/85
      R. W. Bro. J. E. Forsdick, D.D.G.M, District 10, 1988/89

     *Honourary member of Norwood Lodge.