The Pentateuch Code

                    THE PENTATEUCH CODE.

    (Developed from the Magical Diary of Frater EMT, 6/17/75 e.v.)
            Copyright (c) by Bill Heidrick, 1988

   This way of interpreting the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet is
drawn from the Pentateuch or first five books of the Torah/Bible.  It is
contrasted with the "Genesis Code", which expresses abstract concepts of
more than it stems from the Book of Genesis.  The same structure of Hebrew
letters is used in both the Genesis and Pentateuch codes.
   The story of the birth and life of Moses forms the basis of this code.
As we pass through the events of the Pentateuch, individual Hebrew letters
are matched to the significant events.  From this, a generalization leads us
to meanings of the Letters themselves in terms of a human story.  The story
is made complete by applying the "final" letters in a sort of "Joshua" code
to the epilogue of the Pentateuch.

                 We begin with the story and the letters:

Aleph  ---- Moses and Israel.

Mem  ------ The Lands of Egypt and Canaan.
Shin  ----- The gods of Egypt and of the Jews.

Bet  ------ Moses upon the river.
Gemel  ---- Moses reaches manhood.
Dalet  ---- Moses is confused by the events of his life in Egypt & as an
Koph  ----- Moses is a noble of Egypt, a wanderer, a shepherd and a husband.
Peh  ------ Moses sees the burning bush and receives the command to lead
Resh  ----- Moses acquires Aaron's aid and sets out for his people in Egypt.
Taw  ------ Moses returns to Egypt and speaks to his people.

Heh  ------ Israel hears Moses.
Vau  ------ Moses is recognized as the leader of Israel by Pharaoh.
Zain  ----- The Plagues, Passover, the beginning of the Wandering.
Chet  ----- The people of Israel go forth.
Tet  ------ The destruction of Pharaoh's armies and the Camp built.
Yod  ------ The Reception of the Ten on Mt. Sinai, the Ark and Tabernacle.
Lamed  ---- The Laws given to the People.
Nun  ------ The Death of the Sinful Generation.
Samekh ---- The testing of faith in the Hardships of the Wilderness.
Ayin  ----- Conquest of the old tribes.
Tzaddi ---- Moses blesses the people.  He is shown the Promised Land.
Qof  ------ Moses dies without entering the Promised Land.

Koph-final  ------ Joshua receives the Command of Israel.
Mem-final  ------- The Promised Land is taken.
Nun-final  ------- Israel is established within the Land.
Peh-final  ------- Joshua dies.
Tzaddi-final  ---- The people of Israel endure.  Joshua is buried and the
                   bones of Joseph rest in the Land of Jacob.

    Now, let's take those events and generalize them a bit --- not too
much, just enough so that they may apply to any human story of similar
wholeness and complexity:
    For comparison, the Genesis code is given in short aphorisms.

Letters:  Genesis Code:       Pentateuch Code:

Aleph  ---- Pure Being -------- A thing exists in itself (Entity).
Mem  ---- Pure Substance ---- The form and material aspect of a thing (Body).
Shin  ---- Pure Will --------- The spiritual essence of a thing (Spirit).

Bet  ---- Directed Flow ----- An Entity pursues its purpose.
Gemel  ---- Mystery ----------- Separate physical existence.
Dalet  ---- Many Images ------- Experience without order.
Koph  ---- Cycles ------------ Pursuit of order through trying of different
Peh  ---- Revelation -------- Discovery of the direction of Life.
Resh  ---- Meaning Attaches -- Destiny is accepted and intelligently pursued.
           to Things
Taw  ---- All Created ------- The harmony of life sings through the acts and
          Things & Events     experiences of life.

Heh  ---- Order ------------- Life becomes organized along the lines of
Vau  ---- Union ------------- Action follows plan.

Zain  ---- Separation -------- That which opposes life is destroyed or
Chet  ---- Containment ------- The pattern of life establishes itself for all
                               to see.
Tet  ---- Natural Power ----- The pattern of life manifests through its own
Yod  ---- Creation ---------- The philosophy and rules of life become
Lamed  ---- Balance ----------- The limits of life and activity become
                                established consciously.
Nun  ---- Transformation ---- The pattern of life is passed on to another by
                              teaching or parenthood.
Samekh  ---- Tempering --------- The pattern endures the test of time.
Ayin  ---- Perception of ----- Flaws to the success of life are discovered and
           Limitation          dealt with.
Tzaddi  ---- Meditation -------- The pattern and its promise are praised.
Qof  ---- Evolution --------- The pattern is released to permit its growth
                           into a greater.

Letters:  Genesis Code:       Joshua Code:

Koph-final  ---- Development of ---- Life pattern passes on to another form,
                 the Created         another destiny.
Mem-final  ---- Matter ------------ The second destiny provides the final
                                    fruits of the first.
Nun-final  ---- Rational Thoughts - The second destiny establishes itself
                                    securely and naturally.
Peh-final  ---- Physical Life ----- The last direct link to older ways of
                                    being and doing vanishes.
Tzaddi-final  ---- Living ------------ Life establishes itself through further

   Here's a test of both codes to see how they fit some traditional
words of power in the Qabalah.  In this application, a word spelled with
Hebrew letters is expanded into a loose phrase or statement by matching
the letters to their meanings in these "codes".  This is very like a Tarot
reading in that no exact word-for-word substitution of the codes for the
letters is attempted.  It is the meaning of each letter that is used.  We
must always begin with the defined meaning of the word.  After that the
Genesis Code offers a spiritual or abstract interpretation when the
meanings of the letters are joined and expanded into a sentence.  Finally,
the Pentateuch code is used in the same way to generate a more anthrocentric
interpretation.  The Joshua code for the final letters is an option in some
cases.  This can also be used in divination on the name of a person or on
a word obtained in meditation.  In studying these examples, remember that
Hebrew reads from right to left, in the direction opposite to English.

Aleph-Dalet-Memfinal  ---- Man ------------- Gen: Being passes through images
                                                  into matter.
                       ------------- Pent: A self-existing one endures chaotic
                                          experiences to establish a body.
                        ------------- P&J: A self-existing one endures chaotic
                                          experiences to perfect earlier work.

Chet-Vau-Heh  ---- Life ------------ Gen: Containing power unites to
                                          processes of order.
                        ------------ Pent: The pattern of life becomes evident
                                           as action follows the path of

Mem-Shin-Heh  ---- Moses ----------- Gen: Substance and Will (Dalet) submit
                                          to order.
               ----------- Pent: Body and spirit become organized according
                                 to destiny.
                           (Also, the name "Moses" translates "Saved from
                            water" as a Hebrew proper name.)

Aleph-Lamed  ------ God ------------ Gen: Existence is balanced.
              ------------ Pent: An individual dwells within the proper
                                 limits of life and activity.

Aleph-Heh-Yod-Heh  ---- Eheieh --------- Gen: Being is ordered in the
                                              creation of order.
                 --------- Pent: An individual life becomes organized
                                 according to destiny.  The philosophy and
                                 rule of life become consciously organized
                                 according to destiny.

Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh  ---- Jehovah,Yahweh - Gen: Creation of order unites to
                                             future order.
                         - Pent: The philosophy and rule of life become
                                 consciously organized according to destiny.
                                 Action follows the plan of life to further
                                 establish the lines of destiny.