The Square

by V.W.Bro.Harold W.Hughes GROnt. 1957

                         THE SQUARE

     In our Craft lodge ritual, the square has three distinct
and different symbolisms. It serves as an emblem of the
Worshipful Master, as a working tool of a Fellowcraft and as
the second of the Three Great Lights. Being concerned with it
here only in the last capacity, we will deal with it only in
relation to the Three Great Lights.

     I would ask the brethren to remember that it is a "try
square" and not a carpenter's square, as it is often depicted
and that it must not be confused with the square as a four-
sided figure of right angles and equal sides, which is a very
different symbol.

     As the "try square" was an instrument used for testing
angles, or squareness, it came to serve as a symbol of that
which is mundane or human, as opposed to divine. But as it
was used to prove that angles were right, it received the
further significance of true character, of conformity with
righteousness, of duty done, etc. It is the symbol of right
character in its human relationship.