The Skirret


The Skirret website is a repository for articles, papers, and documents of Masonic interest. The materials are arranged in two sections: the Library and the Archive. These sections reflect the provenance of the materials, not their content.

The Library contains documents collected for research projects, sorted by category and author.

Most of the files in the Archive were inherited from the Travelling Library. The original files were in plain text format and have been converted to HTML. Typing and spelling mistakes have been corrected and hyperlinks added wherever possible.

Please note that the Skirret site was not designed for viewing on cellphones.

Recent Additions

  1. Ordo Templi Orientis
  2. Some Ancient Scots-Irish-Swedish Sources for “Antient” Freemasonry (Schuchard)
  3. The Story of the Jewish‐Masonic Conspiracy, 1776‐1945
  4. Frequently Asked Questions about Freemasonry
  5. Eight Steps to Excellence (Hammer)
  6. Alchemy and Masonry (Waite)
  7. The Russian Masonic Movement in the Years 1906–1918
  8. The Order of Women Freemasons
  9. Freemasonry in Poland (Cegielski)
  10. Desaguliers and the March of Modern Masonry