A Few Reflections of a P.M. of the Leopold Lodge No. 1571

Companion of the Lewis Chapter No. 1185 and Member of The Dormer Masonic Study Circle 1940 A.D.

1939 - 1953

From the welter of this troubled age in which we work and live
Will emerge a greater freedom where all men will freely give
Their best, by which Humanity, with face turned to the sky
Will strive to do those nobler things and know the reason why,
Class hatred will be banished, and every sect and creed,
And practice what our Master taught, one common aim in view,
"Always do to others as you'd wish they'd do to you."

For we must work as Craftsmen for the love of fellow men,
To build the New Jerusalem, according to the plan,
And the labours of our industry will worthily inspire,
And raise the world from misery and lift up from the mire
Our poor downtrrodden fellow man, the victim of the past,
To share with all our Brethren, those benefits that last,
So with Masonic influence the world transformed will see
The dawning of a brighter day, our Master's new Degree.


Since the fall of Mankind from his lofty estate
God has given the power to seek
To Brethren all, be they lowly or great,
The Pathway by which the humble and the meek
In a purified state can return.

By the hourly practice of all we are taught,
In our everyday life, we can find,
Through Masonic Instruction, if earnestly sought,
Good food for the soul, and a guide for the mind
For "The Candidate on His return."

Having solemnly sworn to yourself consecrate
The doctrine of Brotherly love,
Keep a watch on your actions from early to late
And offer yourself to the Master of Love
"The Candidate on His return".

Search for the wealth the Great Volume contains
Let its secret unfold to your eyes
And you will be amply repaid for your pains
For though the dark mist you will then realise
"The Candidate on His return."

Remember my Brethren you've solemnly sworn
A great purpose in Life to pursue
In entering Masonry you are reborn
To a wonderful life that is making of you
"The Candidate on His return."


When we stood before the Master on the day we were reborn
Into Masonry, He urged us in the Charge,
"To daily make advancement in the Science" which if learned
Would our knowledge and our intellect enlarge.
For so precious is that knowledge that is carefully concealed
By our Ritual, that riches fade away.
Could we realise that "value" that Freemasonry contains
We would practice all its tenets every day.
It demonstrates our origin, the privilege that we
Through initiation can, if we are true
To the Principles expounded in the work of each Degree,
Raise a Temple up so wonderful to view.
By the study of those Writings which contain the hidden Light,
And the use of both the level and the square,
We can show the world that Masonry is worthy of its place,
And our members of the name we proudly bear.


We are building a Temple, a temple so grand,
That perfect must be every part,
And the stones you will find are in every land
And quarried and ready to start.
There are many rough ashlars, and some are more square,
While others so perfect to line
Are waiting the word of the Architect there
To see if they fit the design.

For we are those Ashlars, some rough and unhewn,
While others with saquare and plumbrule
Are preparing themselves in the knowledge that soon
Their test will be ample and full.
For unless this Great Temple of Wisdom is made
Of the finest the Craftsmen can own
The Northwest foundation however well laid
May embody a fault in the stone.

So come Brethren all, let us raise very soon
This Temple to God the Most High,
And enter and offer our prayer at High Noon,
Though the ruffian's hand may be nigh.
For if to the Craft every Mason be true
And works to our Makers design
The world by example will rise up anew
Supported by your work and mine.


A question, my Brethren, involving a vow
To all Masons, whose life is sincere.
Where did we come from? What are we now?
And where do we go to from here?
From the dim distant past through the ages we came
Our reward through progression to seek,
And the goal before us is ever the same,
Our companions the humble and meek.
The genuine secrets can always be found
With the aid of the Great Sacred Law.
For the teaching inscribed there, both helpful and sound
Points to One whom we humbly adore.

I entreat you my Brethren do not be mislead
Into thinking that learning by heart
Our wonderful Ritual, it can be said
Real Masonry you can impart.
You must search and search deeply if you would progress
In the science of Man and his Soul
And knock at each door with a real earnestness
'Till a Master shall point out the goal.
An eternal reward shall be yours if you try
The real secrets of life to unfold,
And the substitutes you will ignore as they lie
In the grave of our Master of old.

So learn well our Ritual with its meaning disguised,
And the points of your entrance as well,
But search for the secrets the Ancients have prized
Which all their Mysteries tell.
For beneath every word, every step and each sign,
The meaning of apron and tools,
Is a wealth of sound knowledge, shown in angle and line
Just to baffle intruders and fools,
And as our Master was slain by the aid of the Maul
His death upon you does confer,
The use of a centre, that is, Brethren all,
That point from which you cannot err.


In ancient days our Brethren, to illustrate the plan
Used building terms to demonstrate the destiny of Man,
And show the way by which His soul a monument could be.
By which the Brethren through all time could measure up and see
The way to serve Humanity and reach to heights sublime,
And learn those secrets deeply hid within your soul and mine.
The way by which our mortal frame could thus transmuted be
Into a wondrous shining from for all mankind to see.
To thus prepare by discipline, the mind and heart of man
Whose great desire to worship God, has since the world began
Uplifted him and made him seek that knowledge from above
Which is so freely offered us, for Brethren, God is Love.
So all who serve Freemasonry, the Brotherhood of Man
Your obligations bear in mind, and prosper all you can
The knowledge of our Mystic Art, the worship of One God.
That all mankind will recognise, along the road you've trod,
The labours of your industry, and hasten undismayed
To raise that Superstructure on foundations you have laid.


"Man Know Thyself" is written clear, above the Temple Porch,
Could you desire to enter there, your hand must bear the torch,
To which the "eyes" of those who come behind can see the way
to the secret sacred places where man must go and pray.
At ere you cross the threshold of this very sacred shrine
positive you cast away those things which we define
"all metallic substances," which only will defile
the Temple of the Holy God, so pause and think awhile,
Am I a fit and proper man to undergo the test?
An I prepared to sacrifice my pleasures with the rest?
Can I be honest with myself and to myself be true?
And sacrifice all worldly things to start my life anew?
And having cleared away the site for this your new foundation
and humbly in, prepare yourself, for this, your obligation.

But bear in mind the seal you make upon the Sacred Law
Binds you to obligations, that you never can ignore.
For having made a solemn vow, you're pledged to see it through
No matter what the sacrifice the task may mean to you.
You cannot plead "I did not know," you cannot get away
From those responsibilities, no matter what you say.
For better far had you remained outside the sacred fane
Than seeking entrance in the hope some favour you would gain.
In Masonry its what you give, not what you get, that counts,
For every little daily deed for other folk soon mounts
Into a worthy monument, which proudly we shall say
Has justified the confidence of Brethren here to-day.
So earn the love of Brethren all, and their congratulation
Of having thus been worthy of Masonic obligation.

So in the silence of yourself, resolve to make the best
Of every opportunity to put it to the test.
It is not gold that makes a man successful in this life,
For wealth is an illusion and, misused, must end in strife.
Stewards are we only everyone of what we have and hold,
So seek those things that are worth while, you'll find them wealth
There's happiness in Masonry, for those who presevere untold.
And dedicate their every thought to making very clear
They wish to serve their fellow man, and worship God alone,
And leave their mark indelibly upon the corner stone.
So raising to such eminence, no Mason should forget
Respect comes from His Brethren, and do nothing they regret,
And in due time, you'll seek the path unto your exaltation,
For thus the summit will be reached, your greatest obligation.