The Compasses

V.W.Bro. Harold W. Hughes
G.R. Ont. 1957

The same crude observations that led the man of antiquity to see the earth as an oblong square caused them also to believe that the heavens were circular. They asked; Was not the sky a dome? Did not the heavenly bodies move in curved tracks?

Were not the sun and moon discs in shape? By an inevit- able association of ideas, the compasses, which were used to test or draw circles and curves, were made to stand for the heavenly or the divine in man, and this is their meaning still as they lie on the alter of the lodge.

Right conduct, right spiritual aspirations, and the revealed will of God. Fitting it is that the lodge place the symbols of these principles at its very center, for the mason who walks in their light continually will never wander far from the paths of life.