Questions for the Master Mason

  1. Explain the importance of the obligation?
  2. Explain "clandestine lodges" and "clandestine Masons".
  3. Why are signs, tokens, and words important to Masons?
  4. Who was Hiram Abif?
  5. What do we mean by "foreign countries" in Masonry?
  6. Define the symbolism of the Five Points of Fellowship.
  7. Why do we use the Sprig of Acacia?
  8. What are the responsibilities of a Master Mason?
  9. When do you become a Master Mason?
  10. When do you become a member of your Lodge?
  11. When was the Grand lodge of Virginia formed and who was the first Grand Master?
  12. Why is it called the "Sublime Degree"?
  13. What is the significance of the three Grand Masters?
  14. Who was Solomon?
  15. What are some of the lessons taught by this degree?
  16. Explain the use of the ballot box.
  17. Name three appendant bodies (organizations who base their membership requirements on a person's Masonic affiliation).
  18. Name four charities that Masons support.

Questions for the Fellowcraft Mason

  1. What are we trying to emphasize in the Fellowcraft Degree?
  2. What period in a man's life does the Fellowcraft Degree symbolize?
  3. Approximately when did we start to become speculative rather than operative Masons?
  4. What does the level symbolize?
  5. When and where was the first Grand Lodge formed?
  6. What does the plumb symbolize?
  7. What are the jewels of a fellowcraft? What do they signify?
  8. What do corn, wine, and oil represent?
  9. What are the names of the pillars (on the porch of King Solomon's Temple at the beginning of the flight of winding stairs)?
  10. What do the flight of winding stairs as a whole represent?
  11. What do the first three steps represent?
  12. What do the next five steps represent?
  13. What do the final seven steps represent?
  14. Why is there an odd number of steps?
  15. What are teaching on the way to the Middle Chamber?
  16. What is the Middle Chamber?
  17. Why do we use the letter "G"?
  18. What are the four rights of a Fellowcraft Mason?
  19. What are the responsibilities of a Fellowcraft Mason?
  20. Why is the cable tow placed on the right side?

Questions for the Entered Apprentice

  1. What is the modern definition of Freemasonry?
  2. What is Masonry's purpose?
  3. When did Freemasonry originate?
  4. What is the difference between operative and speculative Masonry?
  5. What do "free" and "accepted" mean?
  6. What is the difference between "accepted" Masons and "operative" Masons?
  7. Why doesn't Freemasonry consider itself a secret society?
  8. Why is the Tyler ouside the door of the lodge?
  9. Why can't an athiest become a Mason?
  10. In order to petition for the Degrees of Masonry, what are the four (4) qualifications the petitioner has to meet?
  11. How can a petitioner best prepare himself for initiation into Masonry?
  12. What do we mean when we say that a candidate must first be prepared in his heart?
  13. What do we mean when we say "duly and truly prepared"?
  14. What is the symbolism of the hoodwink?
  15. What is the symbolism of the cabletow?
  16. Why is the entrance to a lodge so important to a candidate?
  17. Who are the Holy Saints John and why do Masons honor them?
  18. Give two reason that candidates are perambulated around the altar?
  19. Why are the three (3) Great Lights of Masonry placed in the center of the lodge?
  20. What does the open Bible (or other Volume of Sacred Law) signify in the lodge?
  21. What is the square supposed to teach us?
  22. What are the compasses supposed to teach us?
  23. Of what significance is the obligation?
  24. Even though the physical penalties mentioned in the obligation are symbolic, why are they retained in the ritual work?
  25. What is the Rite of Destitution supposed to teach us?
  26. Why is the Entered Apprentice placed in the Northeast corner of the lodge?
  27. Of what use is the speculative Mason to make of the symbolic working tools of the degrees?
  28. Why are the lectures used in degree work?
  29. Who originated our ritual work as we know it today, and approximately when did it start?
  30. Define "cowan" and "eavesdropper".
  31. What are the two rights of an Entered Apprentice Mason?
  32. What are the three responsibilities of an Entered Apprentice Mason?
  33. Explain the proper procedure in addressing the Worshipful Master.
  34. Explain the proper procedure in entering and retiring from an Entered Apprentice lodge.
  35. Who are the three stationed officers of the lodge?
  36. Why is the Master addressed as Worshipful?
  37. Why does the Master wear a hat in lodge?
  38. When should members rise and when should they be seated?
  39. Why is the lodge always opened with prayer?
  40. What does the term "So Mote It Be", mean?