It has long been supposed, that anything secretive and concealing must therefore be diabolical. It is because of the aforementioned supposition that I have thus admonished myself to add this page to my website. Freemasonry has long had its detractors, and although I have no hope of changing the mentality of fundamentalist fanaticism, nor the pangs of paranoid delusional fear, I do hope to shed some light on this subject for the purpose of educating the uninformed mind.

The amount of information needed in order to do this would of course be voluminous and far too much data would be needed for the small space provided here. I will, however include a link at the end of this page for continued exploration for those who would be of such a disposition. By virtue of the fact that every lodge meets behind closed doors and moreover at night, has led to the assumption that something of a truly villainous nature is amiss. One cannot hope to circumnavigate the primitive nature of human fear, as it is quite normal to dread the unknown. This we naturally attribute to human ignorance to which the only known remedy is edification. This is what we mean when we say: "To bring from darkness into light." In the past, there has been so jealously guarded the most trivial of our practices as to lead others to believe that such a profound sense of secrecy can not be a good thing at all. It has directed yet others to contrive the most shocking and outrageous accusations leveled upon the fraternity from the truly unbelievable, to the most intricately woven Machiavellian conspiracies the world has ever known. This has led to the unfortunately common practice of debasing our institution with a disreputable serving of slander most foul. It is my humble attempt at this point, to inform those with ears to hear and those with eyes to see, in what I hope will not be a vain attempt on my part, to try to quell in whatever way possible, this fire that is raging out of control.

As can very well be noted, Freemasonry has no short supply of detractors. But where others defend with retaliation, I will retort with information. Those who would be our critics essentially fall into one or several categories, the likes of which are elaborately explained by the link: "Anti-Masonry: Points of View." (Hereafter referred to as AMPOV. I will be adding links to various websites as they become known or available) But one must ponder the motivational aspects of any attack aimed at either a person, institution or idea. What does it hope to gain? Why is it so threatened and what purpose does it serve? There are as many reasons as there are people but the bottom line is that each has their respective justification for assailing that which they cannot comprehend. Most have affidavits that go far beyond the realm of unfamiliarity. As you will see over the course of this presentation, and with the help of AMPOV, you will come to understand that a great many of these cavilers need not a reason to hate. To feel the flame of their own anger seems to be quite enough for most of them.

I would now like to address a specific area of this bogus mud-slinging that seems to come from a selective group. There are those composed of a particular theological persuasion; whose loose interpretation of certain spiritual doctrines has introduced a monomaniacal belief system, to where they claim sole arbitration over the meaning of their scriptures and therefore suppose themselves to be the lone caretakers of the Divine Truth. Such a practice, however close-minded and misguided, poses no real threat until its appalling message is spread through intimidation and fear. It therefore germinates like a virus and before long the plague of intolerance becomes widespread and conflict arises. Such a tradition as this has become the scourge of free thought and liberty, and the inspiration for a great many atrocities all committed in the name of Deity. Can you for a moment, think of a more reprehensible practice than to kill in the name of God? Such an axiom as this was not meant to unite, but to divide. Are not all the major religions of the world primarily based on the indispensable principle of brotherly love? Are we not all then seen as the children of The Creator? To institute a notion, that some of us are more equal than others, is not a concept of divine origin, but of human design. One must therefore question the authorship of that which would usurp and partition the people and nations of the world into a caste system of ideology, to where some devotional viewpoints warrant greater preference than others. Is this all we've learned? How many more prophets and sages do we need to martyr before it is realized that what they have taught us is more important than who they were. Every human being has the right to deify anything or anyone they wish, but who has the right to enforce their beliefs upon another? It would seem, sadly enough, that the practice of torture and burning have now been replaced with slander and threats of eternal damnation. What can be used as a rule and guide to ones' faith can consequently be corrupted for the role of controlling ones actions or behavior. How much time must pass and how much coercion must done before such a thing controls your thoughts? And once done, what gives you the right to control another's? To influence is one thing, to bully, is quite another.

I therefore ask you, what ever happened to individual conscience? Supposing I have resolved myself to practice charity, embrace a spiritual lifestyle, educate the mind and resonate a positive influence with others, assisting those in need when in need . Am I not therefore by definition, doing God's work? But to prescribe to myself some delusional authority to judge another for their own spirituality or lack thereof, would I not then be doing God's job? Is there not a difference?

There is much nobility is agreeing to disagree. Perhaps to unite us is in a particular cause or philosophy is not the Divine Plan. But perhaps we were allowed the blessed privilege of existence to understand the great wisdom that can be gleaned, from the understanding that to accept those who may see things differently, is to promote a ubiquitous tolerance which in fact, can lead to naught but a clearer understanding of ourselves and the endorsement of harmony as a practice, and not a concept. Why then, must there be such violent opposition those who are contradistinctive in their views? What threat do they really pose? It is my firm belief that any philosophy, religion or system, which must debase itself to malign and attack another, is not strong enough to support itself. It must therefore draw upon a confrontational attitude toward everything around it which is discrepant, in order to sustain its existence and justify its continuation. It must kill in order to survive. Such a discipline would seem more parasitic than promotional .

It is a simple fact. Freemasonry has never, does not now or will it ever, fall into the trappings of violence and altercation in order to rebuke, defend or promote its simple tenants. Not in print, radio or film. Or in any other means of communication known to man, has any member of this exalted institution engaged in badgering or name calling in order to perpetuate an adamant belief of any kind.

We don't need to.

There may have on occasion been those, who failing to understand the importance of subduing their passions and circumscribing their desires, have been jarred into confrontational defense of their beliefs, but few and far between are those who, new to the craft, will not sooner or later come to realize the importance of avoiding censure and reproach, or suffering such a zeal for the institution as to lead them to argument with those who, through ignorance, may ridicule the craft. It is taught early on in our lessons and studies, to be tolerant, even of and especially with, the intolerant as such was the suggestion made by the late-great Albert Pike in his book Morals and Dogma. But don't look for this passage to be misquoted or taken out of context anywhere, for it will not serve the disgusting purpose of perpetuating conflict and thus, is often overlooked.

From the worship of Satan, to the induction of the New World Order, Freemasonry has suffered the projected fears of an ignorant society for over 300 years that we know of. It has been postulated by some that the craft may indeed have deeper roots that go farther back, but I would be hard pressed to find freemasons threatening each other with hellfire, or creating websites slandering the good name of any of its members that may not agree with them, as the notion of its possibly antiquated ancestry remain in the field of the speculative. We know each of us is free to take in what makes sense and ignore that which we do not, or cannot, subscribe to. But we won't bicker with one another about it. Why?

It's called respect, and the world at large seems to be in dire need of more of it.

So if one cannot adhere to the particularities of another's viewpoint, what gives them the right to say the other is damned? It is not therefore God, who is casting me into hell. It is man. And why has he taken it upon himself to do Gods' job? Is he as wise as Deity? Can we give life and raise the dead? If not, a healthy dose of humility would look good on us all. How arrogant is one who raises his eyebrow, when he should be bowing his head.

This brings another point to mind. Certain people will attack masonry for its abstract use of symbolism. Claiming no other evidence of its alleged demonic origin, than their complete inability to understand its meaning and purpose. Armed with no more than belligerent provincialism, they crusade against all which they do not understand, in a contemptible display of hostility learned and taught by those who know even less . Zymology is one of the oldest methods of visual instruction and who has said we must fear this? And more especially why? Every time one sees a stop sign one sees this form of communication and I don't see anyone loosing their lives over that.

Unless they don't stop when their supposed to, that is.

Freemasonry is both conservative and liberal. Universal in its approach to tolerance. For nothing can be learned by anyone, to better anything, if one cannot free ones mind. Free our minds of all the passions, prejudices and interest that betray us on every occasion, and would make us close the door to the needy, or draw swords upon the unwary, whose only crime is being different. Is it not better to learn than to lash out? It is a basic understanding promoted within the craft that our rights end, where yours begin. And I have no more right to attack the sanctity of your beliefs, than I do to attack you in the safety of your own home. If such a notion is beyond the grasp of any one individual, then I would have that person look into a mirror, and gaze upon the visage of the one truly responsible for all their troubles. The seed of ones own discontent starts, and ends with that person. Often the way the world treats us is nothing more than a reflection of how we see it.

If we all took responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, what kind of society would we in fact have? If one has decided to close the door on learning, exploring differences and asking questions so be it. If one no longer stands in awe before the glorious works of creation, or is no longer moved by the flawless design of the heavens, so sure are they that they have found all the answers in a 2000 year old manuscript last revised centuries ago, it is their right to believe as they choose. It is not their right, however, to choose for me.

To the curious, the doubtful, the unnerved or the oppressed, to the persecutors and the persecuted alike I offer you these words: Know thyself. Examine thy heart and know what motivates thee. To those who would know what can be known of all the accusations that have been heaped upon Freemasons all this time I offer you this gem. A pearl of wisdom that awaits your exploration. In a world that too often mistakes kindness for weakness, silence for guilt, and forgiveness for feebleness, it is easy to see how some things left unchecked can erupt into chaos. Rumor unchallenged will become fact over time in the minds of the many. And was it not Adolf Hitler himself who said: "The bigger the lie, the more people will be apt to believe it?" The time has come to dispel the myths and make at last known, what it is that we have to say about these things. I hope you will see things as they are, and not what you where told they would be. But whether or not you reject any or all of what you may see and read, you must realize it is known among the brethren of this fraternity that no one man or group of men can speak for freemasonry. Her voice is in the actions of its members. This is a little known fact among the community at large and needs to be understood. Not i nor the Grandmaster of my lodge can speak for the fraternity as a whole. Our only hope as that we may continue our journey through life as friends. Or at the very least, not as enemies. God did not put us here to squabble over scraps at his table. So it stands to reason that we must not act like dogs. Thank you for your visit, and I hope you may take with you more than you came here with. Go in peace and may they God of your understanding delight to dwell with and bless you.

Whatever it may be.