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The object of this brief history of Scottish Freemasonry in this part of the world—not so remote nowadays as it used to be—is mainly to commemorate the first visit ever made to the Far East by a Grand Master Mason and a Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Indeed, no such visit had ever been made by a reigning Grand Master of any recognized Constitution prior to 1961. However, it is hoped that it will also fulfill a wish which has been expressed by many brethren both here and at Home for some authentic information of the District, covering as it does the period from its inception in 1904 up to the early part of this year.

Much use has been made of available records and this has required no little original research by the compiler. Grateful acknowledgment is made to all those who contributed, particularly Bros. A. F. Buchan, R.W. Grand Secretary; Lt. Col. J. W. Chitty, Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England; Andrew MacBride, Hon. S.G.D.; W. A. Leslie, Provincial Grand Secretary, Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow; A. L. Currie, Secretary, Lodge 102; Commander C. E. McA. Donaldson, M.P.; G. Colton, Hon. J.G.D.; W. Lackie, Hon. G.B.B.; J. Levy, Hon. G. Marshal; P. H. Dale, P.M. Lodge 1048 and the Secretaries of all Daughter Lodges in the District.

As can he well imagined, the task of compiling even a brief historical survey such as this involves a tremendous amount of work, calling for time and patience and a genuine interest in the subject matter. We are fortunate indeed that all three are possessed by our District Grand Secretary, and on behalf of the District, I tender grateful thanks to Brother T. W. Fripp for this further and useful mark of his devotion to the Craft.

D. S. Hill,
District Grand Master,
Far East.
Hong Kong, 1st December, 1961.