Scottish Lodges in North China

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Some Details of Scottish Lodges Which Were Established in North China

Lodge Cosmopolitan No. 428 (Shanghai)

Date of Charter 7th March, 1864.
Date Consecrated 28th December, 1864.

It is interesting to note that the Officers of the Lodge at the Consecration were invested by Bro. R. F. Gould, later P.S.G.W. (E.C.), the noted masonic historian. The Lodge continued working in Shanghai after all other Lodges in China and the District Grand Lodge of North China became dormant. Unfortunately at the time of writing the Lodge is now temporary dormant. It is hoped to re-open the Lodge in 1962.

Lodge St. Andrew in the Far East No. 493 (Shanghai)

Date of Charter 3rd May, 1869.
Date Consecrated 28th June, 1869.
Charter returned February, 1874.
Lodge re-opened 4th March, 1919.
Lodge transferred to Hong Kong 5th February, 1953.

Lodge Star of Central China No. 511 (Hankow)

Date of Charter 6th November, 1871.
Lodge became dormant 1884.

Lodge St. Andrew No. 924 (Chefoo)

Date of Charter 1st May, 1902.
Date Consecrated 29th July, 1902.
Lodge became dormant 19th May, 1947.

Lodge Saltoun No. 936 (Shanghai)

Date of Charter 6th November, 1902.
Date Consecrated 23rd December, 1902.
Lodge became dormant 18th September, 1952.

Lodge Caledonia No. 1300 (Tientsin)

Date of Charter 2nd November, 1922.
Date Consecrated 27th January, 1923.
Lodge became dormant 11th September, 1952.

Lodge Shanghai Kilwinning No. 1382 (Shanghai)

Date of Charter 2nd February, 1933.
Date Consecrated 14th November, 1933.
Lodge became dormant 19th May, 1947.

District Grand Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry in North China

Consecrated 7th January, 1922.
Became dormant 22nd January, 1953.

General Note

At various times Lodges worked in Shanghai under nine different Constitutions, viz: Scotland, England, Ireland, Massachusetts, Germany, Vienna, Philippines, Netherlands and China.