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Fringe Masonry in England


Appendix I

Check-List Of F. G. Irwin's Correspondents

This list includes the names of all the writers of the letters preserved in Grand Lodge Library with the exception of Kenneth Mackenzie and Benjamin Cox.

ADAIR, Lt.-Col. William ALEXANDER, Somerset Light Infantry Militia, of Heatherton Park, Taunton. Two letters, 1873-7.

COOKE, MATTHEW, of London. One letter, 15 May 1865.

DALE, Dr. B.H. (not a Freemason), of Bristol. One letter, 11 July 1878, referring to Irwin's son Herbert's medical studies.

DAVIDSON, B. (not a Freemason), of Forres, Morayshire. Three illegible letters, all November 1877, mainly about occultism.

GILLARD, W.S., of Sherborne. Eight letters, 1871-5, about local Masonic activities.

HOCKLEY, FREDERICK, of London. Forty letters, 1872-8 (some incomplete) including fourteen to Herbert Irwin.

KELLY, W., of Leicester. Author of Fifty Years' Masonic Reminiscences, 1888. One letter, 29 January 1889, referring to this book.

LEATHER, SAMUEL P., of Burnley, Lancs. Eleven letters, 1874-8. Some relate to Yarker's Antient and Primitive Rite.

LITTLE, ROBERT WENTWORTH, of London. Three letters, 1869-73.

MACBEAN, EDWARD, of Glasgow. Eight letters, 1888-91. He joined QC Lodge and Westcott's Golden Dawn in May 1888. He was also a member of the S.R.I.A. and Yarker's A. & P. Rite.

MATIER, CHARLES FITZGERALD, Of Manchester. Four letters, 1871-7. For biographical details see G. Blizard Abbott, Masonic Portraits, 1879.

MOSES, Rev. WILLIAM STAINTON, of London and Bedford. Eighteen letters, 1877-81. See his article in Dictionary of National Biograplzy.

MUNBEE, Major-General GORE BOLAND, Of Weston-super-Mare. Four letters, 1871, and six undated.

SPENCER, W., of London. One letter, 1879. Proprietor of Spencer's Masonic Manufactory. One letter, 1879.

THOMPSON, H., of London. Three letters, 1879. He was a collector of Masonic books.

THOMPSON, M.McB., of Ayr. Four letters, 1890, on heading of Grand Encampment of the Temple and Malta for Scotland.

TOMMY, G. (,not a Freemason), of Bristol. Eight letters, 1870-4, mainly about spiritualism. He proposed that Irwin should be mesmerised twice weekly to alleviate his insomnia.

TUCKEY, GEORGE, of Bristol. Four letters, 1874-8, also two undated. (See also Mackenzie's letters to Irwin).

WILLIAMS, W., of Abergavenny. Seven letters, 1870-5, about Masonic affairs.

WOODFORD, Rev. A.F.A., of London. One letter, 31 October 1877.

WOODMAN, Dr. W.R., of London and Exeter. Three letters, 1876,

YARKER, John, of Manchester. Nineteen letters, 1871-90.