Petition for Dispensation

                        Hdq. Eighth Army Ordnance Section,
                        BIG-5, APO 343
                        United States Army
                        25 August 1948,
                  A NEW LODGE
To the Most Worshipful Albert J. Brazee Jr.,
Grand Master of Masons in the Philipine Islands:

     The petition of the undersigned respectfully
represents that they are Master Masons in good standing;
that they were last members of the respective Lodges
opposite their several signatures hereunto, as will
appear from the dimit of each of the petitioners,
herewith transmitted; that they reside in or near
the City of Yokohama, in the province of Honshu, in
Japan; that among them are a sufficient number of
brethern well qualified to open and hold a Lodge
of Free and Accepted Masons, and to discharge all its
various duties in the three degrees of Ancient Masonry,
in accordance with established usage; and that, having
the prosperity of the Craft at heart and being desirous
to use their best endeavors for the difusion of its
beneficient principles, they pray for Dispensation
empowering them to form, open and hold a regular Lodge,
at the Masonic Temple of Yokohama, Honshu, Japan,
aforesaid to be called FAR EAST LODGE.

     They have nominated and respectfully recommend
Brother Herbert Wolff as the first Master,
Brother Herbert Lee Ellison as the first Senior Warden,
and Brother Abraham Jacobson as the first Junior Warden
of the said Lodge, they being each, in all respects,
compentent to perform all the duties of either of the
stations for which they are severally proposed; and,
if the prayer of the petitioners be granted, they promise
in all things strict obedience to the commands of the
Grand Master, and undeviating conformity to the
Constitution and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.

     Dated at Yokohama, Japan, on the 25th day of
August A. L. 5052.	 
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