Bye-laws 1902


No. 640, S.C.,



SECTION 1. — The Regular Meetings of this Lodge shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month, but the Regular Meetings of July and August may be suspended by the Right Worshipful Master by giving one week’s notice to the Members.

SECTION 2. — The hour of meeting shall be 8.30 p.m.

SECTION 3. — The Right Worshipful Master may call an “Emergency” Meeting at any time, and in his absence such meeting may be called by the I.P.M., Depute, or Substitute Master, or the officer who for the time being has control of the Lodge. But seven days’ notice shall be given to the Members of such meeting.

SECTION 4. — Upon the death of any Member of this Lodge, or foreign sojourning Brother, in Yokohama or Tokyo, said Member or Brother having expressed a wish to be buried by this Lodge with Masonic Ceremonies, the Right Worshipful Master may call a “Special” Meeting for the purpose without the above-mentioned notice.

SECTION 5. — The expenses of “Emergency” Meetings to be borne by the Lodge, unless called for the special convenience of a Member or Candidate, who in such case must bear it himself.

SECTION 6. — No Candidate for affiliation or initiation shall be proposed at an Emergency Meeting.



SECTION 1. — The Officers of the Lodge shall rank in the following order:- Right Worshipful Master, I.P.M., D.M., S.M., Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, Deacons, Bible Bearer, Director of Ceremonies, Inner Guard, Stewards, and Tyler.

SECTION 2. — The following officers shall be elected annually at the Regular Meeting in December, having been previously nominated at the Regular Meeting in November:- The Right Worshipful Master, the Substitute Master, S. and J. Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, S. and J. Deacons, and Tyler. All other officers of the Lodge, viz., the I.P.M., the Depute Master, Bible Bearer, Director of Ceremonies, Stewards, and Inner Guard shall be appointed by the Master.

SECTION 3. — The first-named list of Officers shall be elected by ballot, and every Master Mason in good standing present shall be required to vote. The Lodge must be raised to the Third Degree, and a majority of all ballots cast shall be necessary to elect. Should there be only one candidate for any office, said candidate may he elected by a show of hands, without the usual formality of a ballot.

SECTION 4. — All Office-bearers shall hold office for the space of one year (excepting the Tyler, who, being a paid Officer, shall be removable at the pleasure of the Lodge), and no Officer shall be allowed to resign his office without one month’s previous notice; and it shall be in the power of the Right Worshipful Master to fill any vacancy caused by death, resignation, or absence, except in the case of the Treasurer, a vacancy in whose office must be filled by election in the usual manner.

SECTION 5. — The installation of Officers shall take place on or about St. John’s Day, the 27th December.

SECTION 6. — All Master Masons in good standing shall be eligible to any office in the Lodge, but no one in arrears for six months shall be deemed in good standing, and such Member shall neither be eligible to office nor shall he be allowed to vote on any matter connected with the Lodge.



SECTION 1.Secretary. — The Secretary shall record the Minutes of each meeting, issue summonses to Members when so ordered by the Right Worshipful Master, and shall in all cases be guided by the instruction of the Right Worshipful Master for the wellbeing of the Lodge. He shall keep a full and correct list of the names of the Members of the Lodge, and all persons initiated or admitted therein, with the dates of their admission, initiation, passing, raising, and retiring.

SECTION 2. — He shall collect all Fees and Dues and give a receipt for the same, and hand the same over to the Treasurer, and take a receipt therefor. He shall keep an account current with each Member.

SECTION 3. — He shall keep a Minutes Book, Petition Book, Attendance Book, Cash Book, Register Book (in which shall be noted the granting of Demits and the application for and delivery of Grand Lodge Certificates), a Copy Book of all letters from the Lodge, and a file of all communications received by the Lodge.

SECTION 4. — On the Chair being taken, and the Lodge opened, the Secretary shall read over the Minutes of the previous meeting or meetings for approval and confirmation, and, the Minutes being confirmed, he shall countersign them after they have been signed by the Right Worshipful Master. He shall furnish the Chairman of every Committee with the names of his associates, and a copy of the resolution or subject matter referred to them. He shall make all communications to Grand Lodge, and lay all correspondence which he may receive in his capacity of Secretary before the Lodge, and he shall be ex officio a Member of all Committees of the Lodge. For the due performance of his services he shall be exempted from quarterly dues.

SECTION 5.Treasurer. — The Treasurer of the Lodge shall receive all monies from the Secretary and deposit them as he receives them in a Chartered Bank for the benefit of the Lodge. He shall disburse all monies by the order of the Right Worshipful Master or of the Lodge. The accounts shall be audited at the Regular Meeting in January by the Auditing Committee, who will report the result of their examination to the Lodge.

SECTION 6.Tyler. — It shall be the duty of the Tyler to keep the Lodge Room clean, and everything in order for the meetings of the Lodge. The implements, jewels, clothing, and other property of the Lodge, with the keys of the wardrobes and other receptacles, shall be considered in his custody, and he shall for the time being be held responsible for their safekeeping, and he shall give an account of all property of the Lodge, whenever called upon, to the Senior Warden. He shall serve all summonses placed in his hands by the Right Worshipful Master or Secretary. In consideration of his services he shall be exempt from all dues, and shall receive besides, Yen Ten for each meeting.



An Auditing Committee, consisting of the I.P.M.. the S.M., and one Member appointed by the Right Worshipful Master at the Regular Meeting in December, shall audit the accounts of the Lodge and lay their report before the Lodge at the Regular Meeting in January.



Whenever a Candidate is proposed for initiation the Right Worshipful Master shall appoint at least two Master Masons as an Investigating Committee to inquire into the character of the Candidate, who shall report to the Right Worshipful Master at the next Regular Meeting.



SECTION 1. — All propositions for initiation must be made and seconded by Subscribing Brethren in good standing, not under the degree of M.M., at a Regular Meeting of the Lodge, and at the same time a statement of the Candidate’s full name, age, profession, place of birth, and present residence shall be handed to the Secretary, who shall note the proposition, with all the above particulars, in the Minute Book. The proposition shall then be referred to the Investigating Committee, who shall report at the next Regular Meeting, when a ballot shall immediately be taken.

SECTION 2. — A Candidate for initiation having been balloted for and elected, and not appearing for the E.A. Degree within six months after his election’ must be again proposed and balloted for.



SECTION 1.Affiliating Members. — No Mason shall become a Member of this Lodge unless he is able to produce evidence of his being in good standing or a proper Demit from the Lodge of which he was last a Member. He must be regularly proposed and seconded in open Lodge by Subscribing Members (being Master Masons in good standing), and a written statement handed to the Secretary of the Brother’s name, occupation, and place of abode, as well as his rank and the name and number of the Lodge of which he is, or was last, a Member: all of which shall be inserted in the summons for the next Regular Lodge Meeting, at which Meeting the decision of the Brethren shall be ascertained by ballot.

SECTION 2.Honorary Members — Any Brother deemed worthy of that distinction for zeal or eminence may be elected an Honorary Member at any meeting of the Lodge, provided the proposition be unanimously received, and one month’s notice of the proposition having been given in open Lodge, but no Honorary Member shall have a vote in the Lodge.

SECTION 3.Commuting Members. — Any Subscribing Member of the Lodge, being a M.M. in good standing, may be exempted from paying his annual contribution by payment of a single sum to be determined by the Lodge. Such Commuting Member shall enjoy all the privileges of a Subscribing Member.

SECTION 4Absent Members. — Any Member about to leave Yokohama (or Tokyo) to be absent for a longer period than three months may have his name placed on the Absent Members List by giving notice of his intention and desire to the Secretary in writing.

SECTION 5.Retiring Members. — Any Member of this Lodge leaving Japan shall be granted a Demit provided he is clear on the books, and should he return within two years, such clearance shall entitle him to be readmitted to all the rights of Membership on payment of the current quarter’s dues.



SECTION 1. — No ballot, except for Degree, after initiation, shall be held except at a Regular Meeting, and in balloting for Initiation or Membership, if more than one black ball appear, the Candidate shall be declared rejected. None but Master Masons shall be entitled to vote.

SECTION 2. — The Right Worshipful Master and Wardens shall inspect the ballot-box, and no Brother shall make known to another, or to the Lodge, in what manner he has cast his vote, nor shall any Brother question another as to his vote.

SECTION 3. — If on balloting for a Candidate for Initiation or Membership, he be rejected, no Member or Visiting Brother, shall inquire into or discover by any means whatsoever, who opposed his election, or imprudently or improperly divulge the proceedings of the Lodge, under a penalty, if a Member, of reprimand, suspension, or expulsion upon conviction, or if a Visitor, of never again being admitted as such, or to be allowed to become a Member of this Lodge.

SECTION 4. — If a Candidate for Initiation or Membership shall be rejected, an interval of at least six months must elapse before he can again be proposed.



SECTION 1.Fees and Dues: Initiation. — Each Candidate shall pay at the time of signing the petition, the sum of Yen One Hundred, which shall include the Three Degrees and the Mark and the current quarterly dues besides the dues to Grand Lodge for the recording and Diploma.

SECTION 2.Fees and Dues: Affiliation. — Every Brother who is a Master Mason, on affiliating with this Lodge, shall pay the sum of Yen Fifteen, which shall include the dues of the current quarter. Any Brother who has not received his Fellow Craft or Master Mason’s Degree, shall be required to pay in addition to his Affiliation Fee, a further sum of Yen Fifteen for each Degree conferred, which sums shall entitle him to Registration in the Grand Lodge and his Diploma as a Master Mason.

SECTION 3.Fees and Dues: Quarterly.— Every resident Member shall pay the sum of Yen Six quarterly, with the exception of the Secretary and Tyler.

SECTION 4. — No Member who is six months in arrear for dues at the time of the annual election shall be permitted to vote, nor shall he be eligible fqr any office, and he shall lose all priority of claim on the Charity Fund.

SECTION 5. — A Member in arrears three quarters if residing in Japan, or two years if residing abroad, shall be notified by the Secretary that unless full payment be made by the end of the ensuing quarter, his name shall be removed from the list of Subscribing Members, unless sufficient cause is shown why said arrears shall be remitted, or a further extension of time be granted.

SECTION 6. — Honorary Members shall pay no Admission Fees or Quarterage unless they accept an Office in the Lodge, in which case they must affiliate and become Subscribing Members.

SECTION 7. — Members on the Absent Members List shall be required to pay only half fees quarterly, during their absence. Brethren permanently employed on sea-going vessels may be considered absent Members.

SECTION 8. — All persons initiated in this Lodge shall be considered Subscribing Members.



SECTION l.General Fund. — The general fund for the defraying of the expenses of the Lodge shall be under the management of a Finance Committee consisting of the Right Worshipful Master, two Wardens, and two Members selected by the Lodge at the Regular Meeting in January, three to form a quorum. All sums expended by this Committee shall appear in the Annual Report.



SECTION 1. — The whole of the property of this Lodge, of whatever description, is, and shall be, vested in the Right Worshipful Master and Wardens for the time being, in trust, and on behalf of the Members thereof, and as trustees they are hereby empowered to insure the property of the Lodge for such a sum as they may deem necessary.

SECTION 2. — A regular inventory of the whole paraphernalia shall be entered in a book kept for that purpose and examined and vouched for by each Senior Warden on his assumption of office.



Every Member of the Lodge or Visiting Brother shall attend the Lodge in the clothing appertaining to the Degree he may have attained in Craft Masonry, and no clothing or insignia shall be worn in the Lodge but such as are strictly in accordance with the rules laid down in the Book of Constitution.



No Visiting Brother shall be admitted into this Lodge until he has passed a satisfactory examination before a Member or Members of the Lodge, or is properly vouched for. Brethren visiting the Lodge for the first time shall be introduced in due form.



Every Member and Visiting Brother shall write his name, rank, and the number of his Mother Lodge, or the Lodge to which he was last a Subscribing Member, in the Attendance Book, before entering the Lodge, and no Brother shall leave the Lodge without permission from the Right Worshipful Master or Presiding Officer. The Attendance Book to be in charge of the Tyler on nights of meeting.



SECTION 1. — No member of this Lodge shall disclose to other than a Member any of the transactions of the Lodge. of which he may be a witness whilst within its walls, unless in cases of appeal to superior authority, when such matters become necessary in elucidation, under the penalties enacted in Art. VIII., Sec. 3.

SECTION 2. — No Visitor shall disclose or discuss any matter whatever that passes in the Lodge except to or with a Member of the Lodge, under the penalties enacted in Art VIII., Sec. 3.



SECTION 1.Offences against Bye-laws. — If any Brother shall wilfully infringe any Article or condition contained in the Bye-laws, he shall be dealt with according to the discretion of the Lodge, subject to an appeal to Grand Lodge.

SECTION 2.Exception. — Should an matters arise in this Lodge which are not provided for in these Bye-laws or by the Grand Lodge Laws, the same shall be settled by a majority of twothirds of the Members who are Master Masons, and their decision shall be final, subject to an appeal to Grand Lodge.

SECTION 3.Amendments. — Any alteration or amendment of these Bye-laws must be proposed in writing at a Regular Meeting, and, if seconded, shall lie over until the next Regular Meeting thereafter for consideration. when, if adopted by two-thirds of the Members present, it shall become a part of these Bye-laws, subject to the approval of Grand Lodge.

SECTION 4.Assent to Bye-laws. — These Bye-laws shall be signed by every Member, and it shall be the duty of the Secretary to see that they are so signed by every Brother initiated or affiliated in this Lodge. They shall be read in open Lodge at least once a year, and each Member shall be presented with a Copy.



SECTION 1. — In the event of any complaint being made against a Member of the Lodge on any Masonic matter, the party complaining shall make his charge in writing, a copy of which shall be served by the Secretary on the Brother complained of, who shall be entitled to a fair trial by the Right Worshipful Master, Wardens, and Master Masons of the Lodge.

SECTION 2. — A Special Meeting shall be called for said trial, and none but Master Masons who are Members of this Lodge shall be present, excepting those who may appear as witnesses or as counsel.

SECTION 3. — A two-thirds majority of the Master Masons present at such trial shall give the decision and award the punishment. Such decision and award shall be final, unless appealed from to Grand Lodge within Thirty Days after the rendering thereof.



After the decease of a Member of the Lodge, his Certificate may be endorsed by the Right Worshipful Master and Secretary for the time being, with the date and place of the Brother’s death and such further remarks as the Lodge may deem necessary or appropriate by way of tribute to the memory of the deceased Brother, the Certificate thereafter to be considered the property of his children or nearest surviving relative, and returned to them, or, failing such, it may otherwise be returned to Grand Lodge.


Reading Summons.

Reading Minutes of former Meetings for confirmation.

Reading communications: Grand Lodge communications taking precedence.


Conferring Degrees.

Unfinished business from last Meeting.

Business mentioned in Summons

Discussion and disposition of communications.

New motions and resolutions.

Proposition of Candidates.


The Right Worshipful Master shall put all questions distinctly, and the opinion of the Members present shall be taken by a show of hands. Should, however, a division be called for, the Right Worshipful Master shall request those voting in the affirmative to rise, and count them, then those voting in the negative, and shall declare the result.

In case of tie, the Right Worshipful Master shall have the casting vote besides his individual vote.

When a Member is about to speak, he shall rise and respectfully address the Right Worshipful Master. If any Member in speaking or otherwise, shall transgress the rules of the Lodge, the Right Worshipful Master or any Member may call him to order, when he shall either explain or sit down. The question of “order” shall be decided by the Right Worshipful Master without debate. If the decision be in favour of the Brother speaking. he shall be allowed to proceed.

When two or more Members rise at the same time, the Right Worshipful Master shall name the one entitled to speak.

No visitor shall be allowed to speak unless called upon by the Right Worshipful Master.

When the Right Worshipful Master is stating a question or addressing the Lodge, or when a Member is speaking, or when the Minutes are being read, no Brother shall enter, go out of, or cross the room, nor enter into conversation.

All Master Mason present shall vote on all questions put to vote, provided no Member shall be compelled to vote on any question in the event of which he is immediately interested.

No motion for reconsideration of any vote shall be in order except at the Meeting at which the question shall have been decided.

N.B. — Only a Brother who has voted with the majority can move a reconsideration.

When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the Right Worshipful Master, or, if in writing, read by the Secretary before debate. Any motion may be withdrawn by the mover before decision or amendment.

No new motion or proposition shall be allowed while a question is pending. No Member shall speak more than twice on one subject unless he obtain the consent of the Right Worshipful Master, but the mover, or the Brother having charge of the motion, shall be allowed to close the debate.

No appeal from a decision of the Right Worshipful Master to the Lodge shall be in order, but such decision may be appealed from to Grand Lodge.

Every Brother shall instantly obey the call of the Right Worshipful Master’s gavel, and no office-bearer shall leave his place unless relieved by the order of the Right Worshipful Master.


7th April, 1902.

The foregoing Bye-laws of the Lodge “Star in the East,” Yokohama, No. 640, having been examined by the Grand Committee, and found to be in unison with the Laws and Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, are hereby sanctioned.


Secretary to the Grand Lodge,