Lodge 640 History [01]




At a meeting of Master Masons held on 4 February 1879, it was proposed that a new lodge under the Scottish Constitution be formed in Yokohama. This petition was supported and recommended by the following distinguished brethren.

Chas. Wiggins R.W.M. Lodge Hiogo and Osaka 498 S.C.
H. St. J. Browne P.M. Lodge Hiogo and Osaka 498 S.C.
C. H. Dallas D.G.M Japan E.C.
J. J. Enslie W.M. Yokohama Lodge 1092 E.C.
W. E. Clark W.M. Otentosama Lodge 1263 E.C.

The petition was forwarded to the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 12 March 1879 and presented to Grand Lodge on 1 May of that year. A charter (see full text) was granted, and at a meeting held on 16 September, the lodge was consecrated and the Master and Office Bearers installed, Lodge Star in the East becoming the sixth Masonic lodge in Japan.

Founded Name and Number Constitution Location Active
1866 Yokohama Lodge 1092 E.C. Yokohama No
1869 Otentosama Lodge 1263 E.C. Yokohama No
1870 Lodge Hiogo and Osaka 498 S.C. Kobe Yes
1871 Nippon Lodge 1344 E.C. Tokyo No
1872 Rising Sun Lodge 1401 E.C. Kobe Yes
1879 Lodge Star in the East 640 S.C. Yokohama Yes
1885 Lodge Nagasaki 710 S.C. Nagasaki No


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