Lodge 640 History [12]


The YIS Temple 1986–2002


Of the many options considered by Masonic Hall Limited (MHL) for a new Yokohama temple, the most promising was a cross-rental arrangement with Yokohama International School (YIS). YIS had acquired a plot of land at 250 Yamate-cho, only a few yards from the school, but had insufficient funds for further development. Under the proposed arrangement, MHL would finance the construction of a modern gymnasium on the site and YIS would agree to rent it. The basement area would then be rented back to MHL for use as a Masonic Temple.

YIS Temple

The YIS Gymnasium

With the agreement of all parties concerned, this proposal was implemented and the cornerstone of the new YIS Gymnasium was laid on the 28th September 1985. The building was completed in 1986 and both Lodge Star in the East No. 640 and Far East Lodge No. 1 took over the basement area soon after.

YIS Temple Entrance

Entrance to the Temple area, with the foundation stone visible on the right


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