Lodge 640 History [17]


Midorigaoka Temple Interior


In designing the new Temple at Midorigaoka, the primary aim was to recreate the layout and ambience of the old YIS Temple. The reduced floorspace presented major challenges which were overcome with ingenuity and inspiration.

Lodge View NW

View towards South-east

The lodge room is located on the upper floor of the building and is reached by a narrow staircase. Carpet tiles cover the floor, a welcome change from the vinyl tiles of the old Temple, especially for deacons accustomed to wands or rods skidding across floors.

Room was at last found for the Lodge's ancient grandfather clock, one of the few items of lodge furniture to have survived the Pacific War. It proved impractical to have the clock restored to working order, and it now stands forever marking high twelve.

Lodge View SE

View towards North-east

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