Waite Appendix A

A. E. Waite’s Masonic Affiliations

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1901 Initiated in Runymede Lodge No. 2430, Wraysbury, 19 September

1906 Founder Member of Anglo-Colonial Lodge No. 3175 (resigned in June 1912)

1914 Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, Buckinghamshire, 28 October

1918 Honorary Past Senior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of Iowa, A.F. & A.M. (U.S.A.) 11 June

1921 Founder Member and Deputy Vice-President of the Masonic Study Society (resigned in 1924)

1902 Exalted in Metropolitan Chapter No. 1507, London, 1 May

1909 Perfected in Orpheus Chapter Rose Croix No. 79, London, 17 November

1935 30th Degree 12 November

1905 Advanced in Temperance in the East Mark Lodge No. 350 (The name changed afterwards to Emblematic Mark Lodge) 18 January

1913 Appointed Grand Inner Guard, Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

1930 Founder and First Master of Tower Hamlets Mark Lodge No. 892, London

1931 Promoted to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

1902 Installed as a Knight Templar in King Edward VII Preceptory No. 173, London, 8 May

1906 Joining Member of Empress Preceptory No. 178, London

1912 Appointed Great Captain of Guards, Great Priory

1928 Promoted to Past Great Aide-de-Camp, Great Priory

1902 Installed in St. George's Priory No. 6, London, 9 May

1907 Installed as a Knight of Constantine, Rose and Lily Conclave No. 3, London, 19 June

1912 Grand Standard Bearer, Grand Imperial Conclave

1913 Grand Historiographer, Grand Imperial Conclave

1906 Zacharie Conclave No. 9, London, 4 October

1903 Chevalier Bienfaisant de la Cité Sainte, Installed at Geneva, 28 February

1902 Hermes Lodge and Temple No. 8, London, 30 August

1902 Admitted to Zelator grade in the Metropolitan College, London, 10 April

1916 Admitted as Fellow of the Craft of Operative Freemasons, &c, in Channel Row

1903 Knight Templar Priest 41º, at the Moira Union Council No. 2, Kilmarnock, February

1915 Honorary Life Member, 2 January

1938 Fellow No. 8

1936 Fellow No. 5 (replacing Rudyard Kipling who was Fellow No. 40)

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