Waite Appendix B

Masonic Writings of A.E. Waite

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The Real History of the Rosicrucians founded on their own Manifestos, and on facts and documents collected from the writings of Initiated Brethren (Redway, 1887)

The Occult Sciences, a Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment (Kegan Paul, 1891) (Part 3, Section 3: The Freemasons)

Azoth, or The Star in the East (Theosophical Publishing Society, 1893) (Appendix II: The Secret of Freemasonry)

Devil-Worship in France, of The Question of Lucifer. A Record of things seen and heard in the Secret Societies according to the evidence of Initiates (Redway, 1896)

The Life of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, The Unknown Philosopher, and the substance of his Transcendental Doctrine (Wellby, 1901) (Appendix IV: Martinism and the Masonic Rite of Swedenborg)

Studies in Mysticism (Hodder & Stoughton, 1906) (Part III, chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 concern Freemasonry)

The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry and an analysis of the Inter-Relation between the Craft and the High Grades in respect of their term of research (Rebman, 1911) 2 vols.

Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism (Anarnosa, N.M.R.S., 1916)

The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal, its Legends and Symbolism (New York, Rebman, 1909) (Book IX, chapter 8: The Analogies of Masonry)

A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry (Ars Magna Latomorum) and of cognate Instituted Mysteries: their Rites, Literature and History (Rider, 1921) 2 vols. (The issue of 1934 adds an account of The Masonic Peace Memorial)

'Robert Fludd and Freemasonry', Manchester Association for Masonic Research (Offprint), 1922

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, being Records of the House of the Holy Spirit in its Inward and Outward History (Rider, 1924) (Chapters XV to XXI and XXIV relate to Freemasonry)

Emblematic Freemasonry and the Evolution of its Deeper Issues (Rider, 1925)

The Liturgy of the Rite of the Strict Observance (Warrenton, N.C., 1934, Mimeographed)

The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry (Rider, 1937)

Shadows of Life and Thought, being a Retrospective Review in the form of Memoirs (Selwyn and Blount, 1938) (Chapter 17, and passim)

1902 Comment on E. J. Castle, 'The Reception (Initiation) of a Templar' vol. 15, pp. 170–2

1890 'Freemasonry', vol. 20, New Series, No. 172, March, pp. 20–1

1915 'Master Building', vol. 1, pp. 240–1 (Reprinted from The Occult Review)

1916 Criticism of 'The Great Work', vol. 2

'Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism', vol. 2, pp. 107–9; 144–6; 175–6

1917 'Discourse on the Fellowcraft Degree', vol. 3, pp. 334–5

1918 Note on the Origin of Co-Masonry, vol. 4, p. 112

1920 'London Morning Post's attack on Freemasonry', vol. 6, p. 333

1921 'Emblematic Freemasonry', vol. 7, pp. 160–5

1922 Note concerning the Comacini, vol. 8, p. 25

Review of Dudley Wright, 'Masonic Legends and Traditions', vol. 8, p. 221

1915 Reply to Welcome at Author's Lodge No. 3456, 6 March, vol. 55

1920 'The Recent Attacks on Freemasonry', vol. 60, pp. 133–5 (Reprinted, in abridged form, from The Occult Review)

1921 'The Laureate of Masonry', vol. 61, p. 576

1930 'The Knights Templar and their alleged perpetuation in Freemasonry', vol. 111, pp. 257, 290, 315; vol. 112, pp. 73, 91, 108–9, 124

1904 'The Keeping of the Brotherhood', vol. 2, pp. 365–74

'The Freedom of the Brotherhood', vol. 2, pp. 429–42

'The Transformations of the Brotherhood', vol. 2, pp. 559–68

1905 'The Innermost Sanctuary', vol. 3, pp. 241–8

1895 Letter, 'The Mystery of Miss Diana Vaughan', vol. 15, pp. 593–4

1896 Letter on 'Diana Vaughan', vol. 16, pp. 11–12

'The Question of Lucifer', vol. 16, pp. 271–2

Letter, 'The Question of Lucifer', vol. 16, pp. 321–2

1921 'Robert Fludd and Freemasonry: a speculative excursion', vol. ll, pp.65–80

1918 'The Rite of the Strict Observance', vol. 1, pp. 179–81

1927 'The Royal and Masonic Art', vol. 4, pp. 745–53

1946 'An Introduction to the C.B.C.S.', vol. 16, pp. 62–91

1907 'Satanism and the Black Mass' by S. R. (on Leo Taxil) vol. 5, pp. 318–21

1908 'The Latin Church and Freemasonry', vol. 8, pp. 146–50

1911 'Count Cagliostro and Freemasonry', vol. 13, pp. 48–50

'Freemasonry and the French Revolution', vol. 14, pp. 140–7

1913 'A Master of the Inward Way' (Saint-Martin & Martines de Pasqually), vol. 18, pp. 259–67

1915 'Master Building' (Review of J. Fort Newton, The Builders), vol. 22, pp. 3 9–42

1917 'A Lodge of Magic' (Martines de Pasqually and the Elect Cohens), vol. 26, pp. 228–34

1919 Review of Buckmaster, The Royal Order of Scotland, vol. 29, pp. iv-v

1920 'Occult Freemasonry and the Jewish Peril', vol. 32, pp. 142–53 Letter, 'Mark Degree', vol. 32, p. 183

1921 Review of Churchward, The Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry, vol. 33, p. 121 Review of Wright, Masonic Legends and Traditions, vol. 34, p. 186

1925 Review of Haywood, Symbolical Masonry, vol. 4 1, pp. 127–8

Review of Haywood, Great Teachings of Masonry, vol. 4 1, p. 128

Review of Fort Newton, The Men's House, vol. 4 1, p. 199

1927 'The Templar Orders in Freemasonry', vol. 45, pp. 12–19; 161–70

1930 'An Elect Priesthood' (Review of Forestier, La Franc-Maçonnerie Occultiste), vol. 52, pp. 383–7

1939 Review of van Rijnberk, Martines de Pasqually, vol. 66, p. 262

1911–1931 Waite contributed a monthly feature, 'Periodical Literature', in which he reviewed contemporary journals, including many masonic journals.

1921 'Masonic Tradition and the Royal Arch', pp.244–55

1906 'The Place of Masonry in the Rites of Initiation', pp. 9–16

1909 'Preliminary Considerations on the Nature of Ritual and Symbolism', pp. 15–20

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