Waite Appendix C

Masonic Lectures Delivered by A. E. Waite

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1906 'The Place of Masonry in the Rites of Initiation', 11 January S.R.I.A.1 Metropolitan College (printed in Transactions)

1908 'The Higher side of Templar Symbolism', 12 October, Sancta Maria Preceptory (read also at King Edward VII Preceptory, 11 May 1916)

1910 'Inner Relations of the Craft and High Grades', 14 February, Sancta Maria Preceptory

1911 'The Alleged Perpetuation of the Temple through three distinct Channels', 13 February, Sancta Maria Preceptory

1912 'Some deeper intimations in the Grade of Knight of the Holy Sepulchre', 29 January, Lily of the Valley Conclave

'Some Inner Meanings of Rosicrucian Grades', 11 March, S.R.I.A. Study Group

1914 'Some Deeper Aspects of Symbolism in the Craft Grades; 11 February, Holden Lodge No. 2496 (printed in The Builder with an altered title)

1921 'Robert Fludd and Freemasonry', 29 September, Manchester Association for Masonic Research (printed in Transactions)

'Masonic Tradition and the Royal Arch', 28 February, Somerset Masters' Lodge No. 3746 (printed in Transactions)

1922 'The Mystical Quest in Freemasonry,' 16 September, Mid-Kent Masters' Lodge 3173 (printed in Emblematic Freemasonry)

1923 'The Second Birth of Masonry in Continental Rites', 8 January, Mid-Kent Masters' Lodge 3173 (printed in Emblematic Freemasonry)

1925 'The Templar Orders in Freemasonry: An Historical Consideration of their Origin and Development,' 6 April, Sancta Maria Preceptory (printed, in revised form, in The Occult Review)

1926 'The Secret Tradition in French Grades analogous to the Royal Arch', 13 December, Helio Chapter No. 3900

1927 'The Secret Tradition in Christian Times and the directions in which Research is baffled', 9 September, Kingsgate Lodge No. 4882

1930 'The Knights Templar and their alleged Perpetuation in Freemasonry', 10 February, Sancta Maria Preceptory (printed in Freemasons' Chronicle)

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