Waite Appendix D

The Secret Council of Rites

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(1) The S.C.R. was constituted on December 2nd, 1902 for the determination in a particular direction of existing Mystic Interests, more especially in connection with Masonry and the Orders which are connected with and dependent upon it. (2) The work of the S.C. lies entirely outside that of any legislative bodies, Grand Lodges, Grand Chapters or Supreme Councils; it does not seek to intrude among them and it will not tolerate their interference in its concerns.

(3) The S.C. will for its better protection vigilantly conserve an occult and anonymous character and, save in the Supreme Degrees of the Council, will at no time divulge the names of its Members to any person in the world.

(4) The S.C. consists of the following brethren: Frater L.S.; Frater M.W.G.; Frater S.R., under the conditions now to be set forth:- The S.C. of R. does not exist and no person is, therefore, a Member of it, except when it is called into being and declared to be in activity by some one or more of the above mentioned Fratres or their successors for executive or consultive purposes and on the completion of the work in hand or before if so declared it automatically lapses until again in like manner revived. Membership of the S.C.R is therefore to be understood in the sense just defined whenever referred to in this Constitution.

(5) Frater L.S., Frater M.W.O. and Frater S.R. being Members ab initio by whom the C. was constituted simultaneously, there is no priority or precedence in respect of them and this fact is to be borne in mind more especially by the Frater S.R. who first suggested the constitution of the Secret Body for those objects which are known to the C.

(6) The Members of the S.C. can work only in common for the furtherance of the objects which it proposes and therefore no action must be taken by one independently of the others in respect of any O. matters

(7) The S.C. has no power to add to its numbers and the absence of any Member from the country of its present location does not constitute a vacancy, since an efficient inter communication can always be preserved.

This rule is absolute and invariable in respect of both its clauses.

(8) Vacancy is constituted by death or permanent alienation as also by insanity or unfitness to act; agreement on the part of the other two Members as to the existence of either disability being alone necessary in order to take action. Each Member has the right to nominate his successor, who shall be of the male sex and a Royal Arch Mason.

Such nomination may be made absolute prior to decease by the approval of the other Members and ranks alternatively as a very serious and urgent recommendation to be adopted if possible, failing which, the appointment rests with the survivors.

(9) In the event of permanent alienation, insanity or unfitness to act without a successor having been nominated previously, the other Members shall appoint a suitable Mystic Mason to complete the Triad at such time as may be advisable and in any case within a period of twelve months.

(10) In the event of the death of a Member suddenly and without nomination, similar procedure shall be adopted, as two Members cannot constitute a complete C. (11) The C. as it now stands is complete, perfect and permanent, without power of expulsion or the right to insist on resignation.

(12) The S.C. will always deprecate resignation on the part of a Member, but it must not disallow it altogether. In such event the right of nomination is abrogated but one of counsel remains, such counsel to be regarded with great respect and followed if reasonable and desirable.

(13) In the event of two Members resigning simultaneously, the C. would cease to exist, and this therefore is interdicted by the honourable pledge which has been taken by each Member, as will appear hereinafter.

(14) As it is necessary for the furtherance of its objects that the S. C. shall have a certain acknowledged existence, it has appointed the Frater S.R. as its present Envoy-Extraordinary with full powers in conjunction with the whole C. only.

(15) The Envoy-Extraordinary is not as such a Member of the C.

(16) The S.C. may and will appoint Envoys-Subordinate for different countries or districts for the spread and representation of the Rites conserved by the C. but such Envoys shall represent special Rites only.

(17) The Frater S.R. is at this time the sole Envoy-Extraordinary representing all Rites of the C., under the obedience of the C., with the special Envoys to him subordinate, also under the obedience of the C., and this rule shall be absolute henceforward for every Envoy Extraordinary successively appointed and for the Envoys-Subordinate.

(18) The S.C. will obtain and exercise jurisdiction over Independent Lodges, Chapters and Temples of the following Rectified Occult Orders and Masonic Rites:-

(a) The Independent and Rectified Rite of Martinism.

(b) The Reformed Order of the GD. Masonically reconstituted.

(c) The Rectified Rite R.R. et A.C.

a. The Rectified Rite of Swedenborg.

b. The Independent Order of the Illuminati.

c. The Order of the Novices and Knights Beneficent of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

d. The New and Reformed Rite of Adoptive Masonry.

e. The Incorporated Order of the Eastern Star.

(19) Members of the S.C. are Members of these Bodies and will work them in a constitutional manner for the purposes of the C., and all other Rites and Orders which it may subsequently acquire for the same purposes in like manner.

(20) The Members of the S.C. will if possible obtain their reception into the Secret Order 7.16., as it is requisite for the purposes of the C.

(21) The S.C. will if necessary and desirable acquire other Rites and Orders, Masonic and non-Masonic, to work in connection with its purposes and will at the proper time constitute two further Rites for the completion of the existing series as follows:-

a† The Order of the Daughters of Zion.

b† The Third Order R.R. et A.C.

(22) The C, will distribute these Rites upon an ascending scale as follows:-

a* Rite of Martinism, referred to Malkuth.

h* Rite of the G.D., referred to Jesod.

c* Rite of Swedenborg, referred to Hod. (with its complement)

d* Rite of the Eastern Star, referred to Netzach.

e* Rite of the R.R. et A.C., referred to Tiphereth.

f* Rite of the Illuminati, referred to Chesed. (with its complement)

g* Rite of Adoption, referred to Geburah.

h* Rite of the Novices and Knights of the Holy City, referred to Chockmah.

(with its complement)

i* Rite of the Daughters of Zion, referred to Binah.

j* Rite of 7.16, (intermediate) referred to Daath.

k* Rite of the Supreme Crown or Third Order R.R. et A.C., referred to Kether.

(23) This distribution is in part a matter of convenience and in part arises naturally from the ascent of the Grades. Its design and arrangements are entirely a C. Secret, as ostensibly there will be an independent working of all the Rites. (24) The scheme of Rites belonging to the Pillar of Benignity can be entered only through Martinism, with the exception of that referable to Death.

(25) The Masonic Rites can be entered independently without passing from one to another.

(26) The Adoptive Rites can be entered only through the Order of the Eastern Star.

(27) By the design of the S.C., the Rite of Martinism will act as a drag net for all the Rites, but especially for those of the Central Pillar, and the most suitable Members who have drifted independently into the Masonic and Adoptive Orders will ultimately be absorbed by the Androgynous Centre.

(28) With the exception of the Third Order R.R. et A.C., all Rites will meet and recognise each other in Daath, and so far the Scheme of the S.C. will be at last unveiled.

(29) Those who attain the Third Order will meet the C. for the first time face to face, and it is hoped that in the course of Nature the C. will be recruited there from.

(30) The Members of the S.C. pledge themselves hereby to communicate to one another all occult knowledge and all knowledge concerning occult Orders which they may possess now or obtain hereafter, and in the case of such knowledge being communicated to them individually under binding obligations, each will do his best to obtain for the two others a participation of such knowledge and reception by such Rites. (31) The Members also honourably pledge themselves, each to each and all to all, to work seriously and in harmony for the objects of the S.C., to keep their names unknown, not to desert one another, to resign only by necessity, simultaneous resignation being interdicted unless it be unanimously determined to dissolve the C., and to bear in mind the desirability of finding someone to succeed them if possible.

(32) The objects of the S.C. of R. are the stimulation and the nourishment of Mystic Aspiration, more especially in Freemasonry, towards the Great Work of Reintegration with the Centre, or Union with the Divine as the Supreme End of all research, such objects to be pursued by all legitimate means, from which any identification with social or political movements is expressly excluded, the same being neither means nor ends.

These are the 32 Paths of the Absolute in respect of the S.C. of R. and are the irremovable Landmarks thereof, to which, in token of their agreement, the contracting parties here append the initials by which they are known to each other within the C.V.

in succession to L.S. L.S

May 25th, 1910 M.W.O


Dated this 25th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1903.

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